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Whose fingers were really found at the campground in East Grand Forks?

EGFPD has documented history of lying about Minnesota BCA crime lab  

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 31, 2016, 11:36 A.M. CST

The East Grand Forks Police Department (EGFPD) has yet to provide the public any evidence the human fingers found sitting on a picnic table at the local campground have actually been matched to anybody using DNA.


The EGFPD has a documented history of blatantly lying about the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) crime lab.

On October 24, 2016 the EGFPD acknowledged a formal request by Write Into Action for public records regarding the case.

“I am requesting all public records regarding the case of the two human fingers found on a picnic table at the campground. This includes all information received by the Minnesota BCA that is in the EGFPD files. This includes the information received from the BCA regarding DNA testing on the fingers” the request said.

“Your request has been received and is currently being reviewed by the city attorney to determine if this information can be released.  We will respond to your request asap.  Thank you for your patience,” said Michael Hedlund, chief of police, EGFPD.

EGFPD Police Chief Mike Hedlund

EGFPD Police Chief Mike Hedlund

Ronald Galstad is the EGF city attorney that is reviewing the request.

Questions are now swirling over why Hedlund’s department is reluctant to turn over the records, which he based a national press release upon.

On August 25, 2016, Forum News Service reported in the Grand Forks Herald and Twin Cities Pioneer Press that EGFPD Lt. Rodney Hajicek and Det. Tony Hart determined the case had been “solved” using “DNA”. The police assert the fingers belong to a man that had a fireworks accident.

The fingers had been sent to the Minnesota BCA lab for testing.

“Today East Grand Forks police received confirmation that those fingers did belong to a gentleman who severely injured his hand in a fireworks accident,” WDAZ TV reported.

However – the Hedlund won’t show the records that constitute the supposed “confirmation”.

And – a careful reading of the press release by the police contains no statement declaring an actual DNA match ever occurred.


Lt. Rodney Hajicek and EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad have a documented history of conspiring to lie about their association with the BCA.

In 2012, Galstad, Hajicek, and EGFPD officer Aeisso Schrage (Narcotics Task Force Commander), conspired to use the Minnesota Pine to Prairie Gang and Drug Force to raid Timothy Charles Holmseth’s (Write Into Action) home-office and seize his computer and files.

The police and city attorney created a full spectrum appearance that the BCA was involved.

Galstad told State District Judge Tamara Yon in open court the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) was involved and that he was in communication with the agency.

“I’ve just been notified that the BCA, before they’ll do a forensic search of that computer, wants either an order of this Court or a search warrant that says that they can – –  we got the original search warrant, but for whatever reason the BCA wants something that says that they can actually search that hard-drive. So I am going to be either, one, asking – – or requesting an additional warrant for forensic search of that computer hard-drive or the Court can make that Order as they see fit, but I am going to be doing that,” Galstad told Judge Yon.

Galstad was referring to the BCA because Schrage and Hajicek placed BCA evidence stickers on Holmseth’s seized property.

Holmseth contacted the BCA and learned the state agency knew nothing about the case whatsoever.

 “The BCA had no role in the investigation you describe and did not attach any tags to evidence in that case,” said Jill Oliveira, public information officer, Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

“We were not requested to conduct a forensic examination on your computer”, said Drew Evans, assistant superintendent, BCA.

Holmseth had committed no crime and no charges were ever filed. Hedlund’s department kept no Chain of Evidence logs for the property and when it was returned by order of the court the hard-drive had been destroyed.



Write Into Action is investigating whether or not there is any connection between the ‘two fingers’ found at the campground and the ‘two fingers’ shot off the hand of David James Elliott by a police officer in the February, 2015 shooting.

Although Altru hospital doctors reportedly re-attached Elliott’s fingers after he was shot by a UND police officer that was out of his jurisdiction; the gruesome specter of the severed fingers could possibly be a message sent out by the criminal underworld. 

There exists staggering amounts of evidence that shows UND police officer Jerad Braaten was acting as a ‘hit-man’ when he interjected himself into the slow speed pursuit of Elliott.

Police cam evidence and recordings reveal Elliott was not fleeing the police; rather, he was trying to stay away from specific officers that were trying to kill him.

Following the Elliott shooting, Braaten was reprimanded by UND police chief Eric Plummer for actions he took regarding his cam evidence (some vanished – some was found hidden underneath his UND squad car). However – Grand Forks Police Chief Mark Nelson hired Braaten onto his Department only a few months later.

The GFPD has chimed in on the fingers case to support the perception of a fireworks accident.

“The lesson from the incident is that fireworks are dangerous and should be handled properly and with care”, Grand Forks police Lt. Derik Zimmel told the media.

Prove it up boys.

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Email to Judge reveals public defender suspected EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad of Constitutional rights violations regarding seized hard-drive

EGF City Council and EDHA Board members focus of suspicion for involvement in money-laundering scheme 

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Michael LaCoursiere, Minnesota Public Defender’s Office, believed something was amiss with the actions of EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad shortly after the East Grand Forks Police Department abruptly seized the hard-drive and journalism equipment of Timothy Charles Holmseth.

Documents recently obtained from Public Defender supervisor Kip Fontaine contained email exchanges between LaCoursiere, Galstad, and Judge Tamara Yon.

LaCoursiere stated his concerns in a December 19, 2012, email to Judge Tamara Yon and Ronald Galstad.

“A search warrant was also executed and property of Mr. Holmseth has been seized since our last hearing. I am going to ask for a continuance to review the Search and the Warrant and time to make the proper objections if Mr. Holmseth’s constitutional rights have been violated. Springing all these new request and executing a search warrant on the eve of our hearing is like Trial by ambush,” LaCoursiere said.

The email communication was initiated by Galstad, who was desperately trying to convince the Judge his witness should not be required to appear in person, but rather, be able to appear from out of state via ITV. The email contained three full pages of case law and legal opinion why Holmseth did not have a right to face his accuser.

“[The State’s witness] is in [another State] and the expense of the judicial economy would dictate that the efficiencies of ITV would serve justice in this matter,” Galstad said.

Galstad’s reference to the “expense of the judicial economy” creates serious questions about previous statements he made to the Court on October 29, 2012, when a Jury Trial was scheduled for Holmseth.

On October 29, 2012, upon a (coerced) Alford plea, Judge Yon asked Galstad, “So you’re not asking, for example, [for Timothy Holmseth] to pay plane tickets or anything like that?”

Galstad replied, “No”.

Judge Yon’s question to Galstad clearly indicates the Court believed the State had a witness present to testify before the agreement was reached.

In 2014, Holmseth requested the City of EGF produce Accounts Payable records to demonstrate that the City paid travel expenses for their out-of-state witness to testify on October 29, 2012.

EGF City Attorney David Murphy reported to Holmseth that an investigation found no records of any such expenses ever being paid out.

During the exact same time period that Ronald Galstad was suspected of violating Holmseth’s Constitutional rights, he was actively involving himself with Holmseth’s parental rights via a Thief River Falls law firm, Charlson-Jorgenson.

The evidence shows Galstad to be a man obsessed with a local journalist.

On December 18, 2012, a review hearing was held in Roseau County Family Court where Timothy Holmseth was defending against the latest batch of accusations made against him by his child’s mother, Rhonda Callahan, and Matthew Petrovich, guardian ad litem.

Callahan, legally represented by Michael Mattocks, Charlson-Jorgenson, was again attempting to suspend Holmseth’s parental rights.

Emails and courtroom testimony show Callahan had been sending information about Holmseth to kidnapping suspects in Florida, who were then publishing it on the Web. Callahan and Michael Jorgenson were also coordinating (false) CPS complaints and nuisance calls to the police with the kidnapping suspects in Florida.

Callahan had been communicating with Galstad’s witness since 2009, after Holmseth interviewed law enforcement’s suspects in the kidnapping of HaLeigh Ann-Marie Cummings.

During the December 18, 2012 hearing a nexus was made between Galstad and Charlson-Jorgenson Law Office when Mattocks told Judge Donna Dixon that he had spoken to EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad and been advised that Holmseth’s Stay of Execution had been revoked and Holmseth was in trouble with the law.

In the summer of 2013, Matthew Petrovich emailed Timothy Holmseth and told him he had been reading his website – http://www.writeintoaction.com. Holmseth had been publishing articles exposing local officials, including Galstad, for corrupt activities.  Petrovich told Holmseth he needed to stay off his computer and start thinking about what was important to him.

Holmseth continued to report to the public what local officials were doing.

In the fall of 2013, Callahan ands her lawyer (Mattocks) filed a Motion to the Court alleging Holmseth was “delusional” and psychologically harming their son. Attached as supporting exhibits to Callahan’s Motion was printed out articles from Holmseth’s website regarding corrupt local officials and law enforcement. Callahan also filed an Affidavit that made no less than seven references to Holmseth’s ‘delusional’ ‘theories’ about the kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings.

Petrovich quickly supported Callahan’s Motion by submitting a Guardian’s report asserting Holmseth was “paranoid” and recommended Holmseth see his son under supervision only. During a subsequent hearing, Petrovich supported his assertion that Holmseth was paranoid by lamenting to the Court that Holmseth had filed a complaint against “Ronald Galstad”.

In December of 2013, Dr. Madaline Barnes PhD performed a parental capacity/psychological examination of Holmseth and determined he was a good and loving parent; mentally healthy; posed no threat to his son; was not delusional; and his parenting-time should be re-instated. It was the third psychological test Holmseth had taken and passed (he passed every test he ever took).

Despite Holmseth passing the parental capacity tests – Callahan, Mattocks, and Petrovich continued their siege against Holmseth.

During this time, Callahan was investigated by Grand Forks CPS and a plan was developed for her due to some parenting issues that needed to be addressed.

Holmseth has never been found to be insufficient as a parent in any way by CPS; or by any final judgment of a Court.

At Family Court hearings on March 3, and May 20, 2014, Petrovich, Callahan, and Mattocks, argued to the Court that restrictions should be placed on Holmseth’s parenting-time, and argued he should be restricted from writing stories (about corrupt government officials) on his computer if he is to have custody of his son.

During the May 20, 2014, court hearing, Timothy Holmseth lifted a copy of the April 30, 2014, edition of the Grand Forks Herald. The headline read ‘$510,000 loan to EGF goes unpaid for 10 years’.

The headline decimated the argument that Holmseth was delusional about local corruption and created serious questions about the perpetual defamation against Holmseth by Galstad, Mattocks, Petrovich, and Callahan.

Holmseth argued to Judge Yon at a prior hearing that if a reporter at the Fargo Forum or Grand Forks Herald had reported corruption they would not be labeled delusional or have their child taken from them.

The Boardwalk Enterprises loan fraud money laundering scheme was exposed as result of an audit.


In December of 2013, Timothy Holmseth reported the City of EGF to the Minnesota State Auditor and requested an audit.

On August 12, 2014, Judge Tamara Yon denied all requests for un-constitutional restrictions on Holmseth’s publication; dismissed Matthew Petrovich as guardian ad litem; did not assign another GAL – rather, a Third Party Neutral that specializes in cases with high-conflict between the parents.

Galstad is presently under deep scrutiny regarding his role in the Boardwalk Enterprises loan fraud money laundering scheme.

Many suspect Ronald Galstad was the attorney for both Boardwalk Enterprises and the City of EGF during an official public meeting held on May 7, 2014, at Galstad’s private law office. Questions also exist about Galstad possibly being a member of the Boardwalk Enterprises ownership group.

Questions are mounting regarding the use of taxpayer money to pay:

  • Legal expenses for the dead end malicious prosecution of Timothy Holmseth
  • Legal expenses to protect EGF city officials and elected leaders involved in the Boardwalk Enterprises money laundering scheme
  • Legal expenses to defend corrupt Defendants named in Holmseth v. City of East Grand Forks et al

Many taxpayers believe members of the EGF city council and EDHA board are either directly involved or criminally complacent in the Boardwalk Enterprises loan fraud money laundering scheme.

Minnesota Guardian Ad Litem program dealt devastating blow amidst claims of institutional kidnapping

Mental health claims against author found by expert to be completely untrue

Sanford Medical Center psychologist says she believes journalist’s claims about police corruption targeting him

After a guardian ad litem unilaterally diagnosed an  investigative journalist as ‘paranoid’ and convinced a Court the man’s young child  was in ‘sufficient danger’ under his care; recommending supervised visits; a seasoned  psychologist and renowned expert in the field of child protection reported to  the Minnesota District Court that no mental health issues are present and no safety  concerns exist.

The State sponsored lie against Author Timothy Charles  Holmseth was shot down by Dr. Madaline Barnes PhD. 

It was the third successful psychological evaluation/parental  capacity examination of Holmseth in five years. As an investigative author, Holmseth  has been continuously labeled as ‘crazy’ by a small group of individuals  involved in criminal activity, which he uncovered during a journalism project  regarding a missing child.

The most recent attack on Holmseth was a last ditch effort  by Rhonda Callahan, mother of Holmseth’s child, and Matthew Petrovich, guardian  ad litem, to drudge something up to use in the Family Court where the two have  been making false ‘best interest of the child’ claims to secure a venue against  Holmseth.

They met their Waterloo.

The facts and sheer volume of evidence in the case is now so  powerful, that the actions against Holmseth cannot be passed off as innocent  oversights or subjective differing in opinions – this was intentional and  planned and illegal.

Holmseth asserts to the Court in a Motion and Affidavit  filed yesterday, he is the victim of an organized scheme between like-minded  individuals that included Petrovich, Callahan, and East Grand Forks City  Attorney Ronald Galstad.

Because the latest psychological evaluation found no mental  health issues whatsoever Holmseth’s accusers will now be forced to deal with  facts, instead of slanderous innuendo.

Holmseth possesses a wealth of information regarding the  before-mentioned individuals and their associates, which could potentially be career-ending  – thus the attack on Holmseth’s credibility via mental bogus health claims (and  an attack on his hard-drive which Ronald Galstad and the EGFPD seized;  illegally searched; and then ruined so it wouldn’t work).

In September, 2013 Callahan filed a Motion in the Family  Court claiming Holmseth, the father of their young son, is “delusional.” She  supported her claims with exhibits that consisted of articles she printed off  Holmseth’s website. The articles featured and exposed illegal activities of  several public officials in the Ninth Minnesota Judicial District and  elsewhere.

Callahan did not point out anything specifically in the  articles Holmseth published. She did not claim any of the content was false,  per say. She simply submitted it as ‘defacto’ evidence that Holmseth is  delusional and requested he be required to see his son under supervision. The  submission of the articles as ‘evidence’ was an in-direct message to Holmseth  from the people Holmseth he was exposing – ‘we’re going to take you son if you  don’t shut up!’

The disturbing practice is called ‘institutional kidnapping’  and is a violation of federal law.

On September 30, 2013 Petrovich backed up Callahan’s claims  about Holmseth’s mental health, stating in a written report, “My great concern  is that the degree of paranoia that Mr. Holmseth views everything in his life  will have a very detrimental effect on [the child].”

Petrovich supported his (un-licensed) claim that Holmseth is  ‘paranoid’ by telling the Court that Holmseth filed a great many complaints. He  specifically lamented that Holmseth had filed a complaint against “Ronald  Galstad.”

Petrovich was so determined to convince the Judge she needed  to alter Holmseth’s parenting-time, and require he see a mental health  evaluator, that he ridiculed Holmseth in open court by saying he had filed a  complaint against everybody except “Kevin Bacon”.

Petrovich’s position to the Court was comprised of an  interesting set of themes that invariably orbited around Holmseth’s ‘computer’  ‘complaints’ ‘mental health’ and ‘website’.

Holmseth says rogue elements of the State are trying to shut  down his tell-all whistleblower site.

Holmseth has steadfastly asserted Petrovich is using his  position as Guardian Ad Litem in efforts to stop Holmseth from making document  requests from law enforcement in Polk    County, Minnesota.  Through the process, Holmseth has successfully located key information that demonstrates  local officials have violated a myriad of state and federal laws.  

The Court found that no “direct” evidence was given to  support the claims against Holmseth. However, the Court found that credible  evidence was given in the form of testimony by Callahan and Petrovich to  warrant a concern of “sufficient danger” and therefore granted the request made  for supervised visits pending an evaluation.

They both put their professional reputations; and the  professional reputations of everyone they associate with on the line to get  what they wanted.

But the sum and substance of the findings of Dr. Madaline  Barnes PhD have effectively reduced the entire bogus case they concocted  against Holmseth to little more than pure fiction.

“Mr. Holmseth was very cooperative during the interview, and  very honest and open about his interactions with his son and his activities. He  was very adamant about denying having given his son any additional information  about adult issues that are inappropriate for a [young child], insisted his  ex-wife was either distorting or fabricating her accusations,” Barnes  said. 

Barnes addressed specific topics, cited specific evidence, including  evidence connected to the HaLeigh Cummings case, and repeatedly stated Holmseth  is not “delusional” or “psychotic.”

In one instance, it appears Barnes is questioning why she  was asked to evaluate Holmseth again. “The records of his supervised visits  reflect that he continues to have the same positive relationship with his son  that I observed previously, and showed no inappropriate interactions [in the  log generated by the facilitator] during those visits,” she said.

To effectively address all of the professed claims made by  Callahan and Petrovich about Holmseth, the Judge directed [Dr. Barnes] have  access to his website, writings, and the book he authored about the missing  child HaLeigh Ann-Maries Cummings.

No condemnation of Holmseth’s writing, reporting, or  publishing was found whatsoever.

In fact…

In an interesting moment of candor during the examination,  Barnes told Holmseth she basically believed what he was saying about the  police.

Barnes recommended Holmseth resume parenting-time with his  son.

This is a developing story.