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Polk County, Minnesota child kidnapping cover-up reaches highest levels of United States government

Why case of Florida child was different from Jacob Wetterling and Dru Sjodin

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on May 22, 2017, 3:01 P.M. CST

Is the primary mission of the entire judicial community in Polk County, Minnesota to perpetually protect itself from federal prosecution after decades of criminal corruption and rights violations?

It appears the Minnesota county may actually be that far gone.

Black Operations by members of Polk County law enforcement and task force agents are surfacing, and reveal the State of Minnesota and its official seal are being used to advance federal crimes against children.

One horror story (out of the many) out of Polk County involves a child that was reported missing from her Florida home in February, 2009 and has never been found. The little girl, HaLeigh Cummings, 5, was reported missing on February 10, 2009 and her whereabouts is being sought by the FBI.

Evidence shows the police in East Grand Forks and others across the judicial community including Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth and EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad,  are up to their eyeballs in covering up the kidnapping, which involves child rape pornography that was created of the little kindergartner.

Evidence implicating police and attorneys in Polk County, Minnesota are so abundant it’s difficult to find a starting line for a discussion. We’ll start with a false police report that was made about the whereabouts of the missing little girl.

On July 26, 2011 the police in East Grand Forks received a call from am “Investigator” from “Indiana” using the name “Tina Church” who claimed “Timothy Holmseth” just told her he had the missing child named “HaLeigh Cummings” in his home.

Of course – the police report was false.


Rest assured…the 2011 false police report against me came as no shock whatsoever to the EGFPD.

The onslaught of attacks upon me had begun two years prior in 2009 when the EGFPD received a barrage of police reports from out-of-state actors that were angry about my journalism regarding the missing child.

Is it possible the ‘crack detectives’ at the EGFPD and Polk County Sheriff’s Office didn’t realize the people calling in the complaints were the very people that had kidnapped the little girl?

No…nobody could be that damn stupid.

As you are going to see, Polk County law enforcement already knew that the people calling the police were the kidnappers – and the police were actively helping to cover it up. You will also see this involves perverts from inside the Deep State Shadow Government that use rogue FBI and CIA to kidnap and traffic children.

Let’s begin by taking a closer look at the July, 2011 call to the EGFPD by Tina Church about me having HaLeigh Cummings.

The police possess a report and audio statements that reveals:

  1. The caller that made the false police report was NOT Tina Church
  2. The caller was NOT an investigator
  3. The caller was NOT from Indiana
  4. The caller was NOT alone on the telephone because there was more than one person on the line

Try to imagine what would have happened if someone had made a false police report against a local Minnesota journalist – reporting the journalist had just claimed to have Dru Sjodin or Jacob Wetterling in his home.

Can you imagine the media firestorm?

What is so different about HaLeigh Cummings?

Dru Sjodin

I’ll tell you.

HaLeigh was kidnapped by Deep State operative running an organized pedophile network that involves pervs in the Minnesota (and North Dakota) judicial community.

I’m going to show you something else the EGFPD now knows for sure about that false police report.

It has now been revealed the caller that falsely claimed to be Tina Church is a self-professed psychic from Florida that has an extensive history of nefarious involvement with missing person and murder cases. The new information the police possess is nothing short of astonishing because it leads to FBI and CIA being involved in the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping.

In 2016, Tina Church, president, Specialized Investigative Consultants, Mishawaka, Indiana, telephoned me and said the call to the police was actually made by a woman from Florida who claims to be a psychic.

Church also says she has a recording of the call that she can play to the police.

The name of the ‘psychic’ from Florida is being redacted but can be obtained from Michael Hedlund, chief of police, EGFPD or Captain John Greenwood, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, Florida. .

On May 17, 2017 I delivered audios of Tina Church to the East Grand Forks Police Department and filed a formal police report. Here is some of what the police heard in the audios. Remember – this fake report involves a missing person actively being sought by the FBI.

“I have a tape that confirms it was not me who made that report against you with the police. It was [REDACTED] acting as me with Levi Page,” Church said.

“[REDACTED] told me herself a long time ago that she was bi-polar and at one time she had a heavy drinking problem,” Church said.

“[REDACTED] thinks she’s a psychic. She’s not. She’s a very troubled person. She lived in Indiana in South Bend. I met her about 20 years ago. She interjects herself into every case of a missing person or a murder that you can possibly think of,” Church said.

“The older people at the South Bend Police Department would know who she is,” Church said.

You will note Tina Church said she’s known [REDACTED] for 20 years. That’s right – Tina Church and [REDACTED] knew each other for a long time – and it was no accident [REDACTED] made that telephone call to the police with Levi Page and identified herself as Tina Church.

I’ll show you why.

Let’s take a look at what [REDACTED] said in her LinkedIn business bio profile.

“I am available for private readings by appointment only. I have worked on missing persons cases and murders. A 20 year old case I have worked was finally solved one month ago with the arrest of the man I told them killed the female 20 years ago. I have worked on this case along with prosecutors office, police and private investigators. The reason it took so long to make an arrest is because the police had tunnel vision for someone else,” she said.

Now, let’s take a look at how Levi Page identified himself in his online bio.

BlogTalkRadio blog – Featured Host: Criminal Investigator Levi Page – Levi, 34, says his eponymous show wouldn’t be what it is today without criminal profiler Pat Brown —also a BlogTalkRadio host—who helps get inside the mind of many of the criminals highlighted on his show. Former CNN reporter Art Harris, now freelance journalist, also assists in providing updates and details on cases.

In July, 2015 the EGFPD inadvertently discovered Levi Page, who stated in his bio he was 34 years-old, was actually only 25.

[REDACTED] and Levi Page are charlatans that created bogus credentials to explain their involvement in missing children cases.

[REDACTED] and Levi Page were both associates of Specialized investigative Consultants, Inc. when they called the East Grand Forks Police about the missing child. They were operatives that regularly executed illegal actions and then ‘reported’ to Church. That was their regular job and function.

Lt. Detective Rodney Hajicek (a.k.a. Jerry Sandusky Jr.) and Chief Michael Hedlund don’t want this to be known because it will all lead back to the EGFPD and Polk County Attorney’s involvement in the kidnapping cover-up.

This is a very serious federal issue that goes to the highest levels of the United States government including the FBI and CIA.

I’ll show you why I mention those agencies.

[REDACTED] telephoned me years ago and claimed she knew what happened to HaLeigh Cummings.  She told me she had a ‘psychic vision’ of HaLeigh being raped and murdered in a van and then thrown out the window into a ditch.

Of course – [REDACTED] was simply spreading disinformation to advance the agenda of Specialized Investigative Consultants, Inc., which I am going to show you.

[REDACTED] told me she had a meeting with Peggy Cone, lead detective, HaLeigh Task Force, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, after HaLeigh vanished. She said she told Cone of her psychic visions. Of course, the average person following that national profile kidnapping on television would have fallen of their damned chair if they found out the lead detective was utilizing valuable investigative time by sitting around with a self-professed local psychic.

Det. Cone was let go from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office (because she was a dirty cop just like Hajicek at the EGFPD) because her communications and activities with the group became too big of a problem to overcome.

I learned during interviews that [REDACTED] was part of a group that was planting evidence and publishing false information about the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping shortly after it happened.

I interviewed Donald Knop, a legal assistant at a Florida law office that was involved in the HaLeigh Cummings case. Knop said his boss directed him to go for a ride with [REDACTED]. During their ride down rural roads [REDACTED] told Knop she was getting ‘visions’ that HaLeigh was thrown in a ditch near San Mateo, Florida. As you are going to see, they were very convenient visions that streamlined with a plan by the larger group to conduct a fake search at a staged crime scene to find evidence that created the appearance HaLeigh was dead.

Now…watch me put my money where my mouth is.

I authored a 20-page report for the FBI in 2009, which detailed a fake search conducted at San Mateo, Florida where planted evidence was found that included a ‘bloody glove’ and items that personally belonged to HaLeigh.


Do you think my information was solid?

You better believe it.

Minneapolis FBI special agent A.J. Eilerman, as well as Major Gary Bowling, who was the Director or Law Enforcement at the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office when the child vanished, both told me they knew the search was staged and the evidence was planted.

Agent Eilerman told me the reason the people planted the evidence was because they wanted everyone to “stop looking for her”. Major Bowling told me the police knew they had “sprinkled” evidence around.

Essentially, the fake private search at San Mateo was conducted, based upon a fake ‘tip’ the Florida law office received from a fake ‘psychic’.

But it gets much worse.


The fake search was overseen by John Regan, Hastings, Florida, Regan regularly dressed as a pastor and said he was an undercover FBI agent (he also said he was CIA).

Regan told people he was an ‘undercover pedophile’ for the FBI. He said he went undercover as a pervert to catch other perverts.

I reported ALL OF THAT to the FBI in June and July of 2009.

Now watch what happened to me for doing it.

Immediately after I began assisting the FBI, Lt. Rod Hajicek, EGFPD, who was already communicating with the aforementioned Florida law office, began secretly communicating with former CNN journalist Art Harris via his (Hajicek’s) private Gmail account where they discussed concerns the FBI in Florida was acting on my leads.

The East Grand Forks police took an interest in interfering with an FBI investigation.

Hajicek secretly solicited assistance from the Polk County Attorney’s office regarding the Timothy Holmseth problem. Hajicek gave the County Attorney the 20-page report I authored for the FBI and asked if there was anything they could do to stop me.

The secret records never came up in a public records request to the East Grand Forks Police; but were produced by Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth.

Donald Knop told me the Florida law office had child rape photos of HaLeigh Cummings and he personally handed them to his boss – an attorney.

The law enforcement community in Polk County, Minnesota is hopelessly compromised and cannot be trusted in the administration of justice.



Dru Sjodin style rape and murder will likely happen again

Pine to Prairie Task Force allowing CI’s to rape targeted females

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Dangerous serial rapists – no different than Alfonso Rodriquez – are presently on the loose and raping mentally ill drug addicts and alcoholics in Northwest Minnesota and Northeast North Dakota.

But they’re not being arrested or prosecuted.

According to a source, (hereby referred to as Michelle) sex offenders are being protected by the Minnesota Pine to Prairie Gang and Drug Task Force (Task Force).

Michelle said it is only a matter of time before another Dru Sjodin style rape and murder happens, because law enforcement had the same attitude toward the first victim of Alfonso Rodriquez;  the man that murdered Dru Sjodin.

“They knew back in the day when [Alfonso Rodriquez] originally first did his first rape – and I remember because I was in Crookston when that girl got raped – they knew how violent he was because the way he had raped her,” Michelle said.

Michelle said they didn’t prosecute Rodriquez to the fullest extent because his victim wasn’t important enough. “This girl that he had raped had problems – she had drug addiction – she was an alcoholic,” Michelle said.

Michelle said a man named Robert Smith has been working for the Task Force doing controlled buys. She said he is a serial rapist and has been accused of rape at least nine times.

“Because he’s working for the Task Force he’s free. He’s raped all these women. But he’s free because this task force has got him out there working,” Michelle said.

“There is five victims that I know in Crookston and East Grand alone that he has raped,” she said.

Michelle said law enforcement is covering up acts of dangerous criminals, such as Smith, because they are needed to testify at trial. “He’s been in three different drug cases that have just recently been brought to trial,” she said.

Write Into Action previously reported the Task Forces’ reckless indifference to a violent offender, Robert Guzman, who is now absconded and cannot be found.


Stalking and unnatural behavior toward a minor female has been previously reported regarding Aeisso Schrage, EGFPD/Task Force; Sgt. Chris Olson, EGFPD; and EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad.

Write Into Action has received information from students from the East Grand Forks High School that claim to have been harassed by Schrage.

Write Into Action is investigating claims from a Polk County insider that Scott A. Buhler, Assistant Polk County Attorney, was investigated by law enforcement in the Twin Cities for luring a minor on the Web, before coming to work for Polk County.

According to a Polk County insider, Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth is playing a role in the targeting of the females. The source says Widseth is/was not receiving the pay rate he desires and is allowing certain females that have become financial drags on the County to be terrorized.

Warren Strandell, Polk County Commission, refuses to explain where he and Aeisso Schrage obtained the Task Force statistics published in the Polk County Newsletter.

Greg Widseth was contacted for comment but had not responded by the time of this publication.


Open letter to citizens of Grand Forks and East Grand Forks

To: Citizens of Grand Forks and East Grand Forks

In Re: Value system of Grand Forks and East Grand Forks – post Dru Sjodin

Dear Friends,

When the Grand Forks Herald featured the headline “$510,000 loan to EGF goes unpaid for 10 years” almost everyone was outraged as they began to learn the details about the ‘Boardwalk Enterprises’ scandal.

While an audit of East Grand Forks’ financial practices finally exposed this internal cabal’s practice of enriching themselves at your expense, you would be wise to never forget they had been quietly operating their corrupt organization for over a decade.

Operating a corrupt organization for over ten years does not happen by accident and requires careful coordination from its participants to protect itself from exposure. As I pointed out in a prior article, the movements of Karl Lindquist are worth examining closely. For one single person to move around within one city’s government, and operate as a media agent taboot, is a case-study in corruption 101, and shows how the public is kept from learning that the leaders they trust are betraying them month after month – year after year.

The key to committing crimes and getting away with it is making sure there are no witnesses. And – if there are witnesses – you must have officials in position (e.g. Chief of Police, Mayor, Council Members, City Attorney, County Attorney, Public Defenders, etc.) to control the entire legal process from start to finish – so you can cover, hide, obfuscate, and conceal the activities of your cabal.

While the public outcry finally resulted in EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad being replaced by an outside attorney, at least where it relates to the ‘Boardwalk’ issue, you will note he is still City Attorney, and he is the Vice Chair/Secretary on the 2014 Executive Committee of the Chamber of Commerce that represents both Grand Forks and East Grand Forks.

So – as you continue to read in the local news about your ‘trusted’ elected officials holding yet another closed session so discuss matters, and work things out, do not forget what you know; or what I am about to tell you.

I have already received numerous questions regarding my Letter of Intent to Sue, which I recently submitted to the City of East Grand Forks. While that is a matter I am not yet prepared to discuss in great detail, I believe the citizens and taxpayers and voters in the Greater Grand Forks area should be informed of some things.

Remember – a group like this operates quietly in the shadows and seeks to draw as little attention as possible to their activities – it is ‘scrutiny’ they avoid at all costs – they must cover, hide, obfuscate, and conceal.

So – the next question we all must ask ourselves in the collective consciousness of just exactly who we really are, and what we really stand for in Northern Minnesota and Eastern North Dakota – taking not lightly at all the name Dru Sjodin – I will share a very, very small segment of an extensive timeline with you.


  • On 07/09/09 Art Harris (tabloid journalist for Nancy Grace) emailed Lt. Hajicek and asked him to consider “pressing charges” against [Timothy Holmseth].
  • On 07/10/09 Art Harris emailed Lt. Hajicek and told him the FBI just visited his friend (Donna Wagoner – Florida) based upon information they received from [Timothy Holmseth] regarding a Photoshopped picture of the missing child HaLeigh Cummings.
  • On 07/18/09 Art Harris sent a follow-up email to Lt. Hajicek and asked, “What did your did DA say?”
  • On 07/20/09, Lt. Hajicek stated in Case Number 09002015 “I have printed all the emails from my computer and will have the (Polk) County Attorney’s (Greg Widseth) office review them to see if any other action can be taken”.
    • SUMMARY: During June and July of 2009 the EGFPD is suddenly bombarded with a barrage of nuisance complaints from a handful of callers against [Timothy Holmseth], an award-winning journalist writing about a national profile missing child case involving an active Amber Alert. The callers are all associated with each other, and encouraging the EGFPD to take criminal legal action against [Timothy Holmseth] for things he is writing, although he is not committing any criminal acts. In July of 2009, the EGFPD and Polk County Attorney learn from one of the contacts that the FBI in Florida is acting on solid information they received from [Timothy Holmseth] regarding the kidnapped child. The information the FBI is following in Florida, leads directly to several of the individuals presently calling the EGFPD on [Timothy Holmseth]. Despite this – the EGFPD DOES NOT alert the FBI! – but rather – continues and intensifies its aggression against [Timothy Holmseth].

If HaLeigh Cummings was locked in a closet and being tortured the East Grand Forks Police Department didn’t give two figs – they had ‘Boardwalk Enterprises’ and other matters to worry about – they didn’t need any ‘scrutiny’.

In the spring of 2012, I went above the head of the useless token department heads, Chief Michael Hedlund, Sheriff Barb Erdman, and Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth, and reported the corruption to the Minneapolis FBI, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Minnesota Attorney General, 9th Minnesota District Judge, Minnesota Lawyer Board, and Minnesota State Auditor.

By the winter of 2012 the EGFPD and City Attorney Galstad had devised an illegal scheme to seize my investigative journalism work product and computer hard-drive by concocting a fake ‘Pine-to-Prairie-to-Drug-Force’ raid on my home office by pretending/suggesting/impersonating they were working with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety / Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA).

On December 14, 2014, they stormed my home-office wearing bullet proof vests and seized all of my property. They then placed BCA evidence stickers on the property. EGF City Attorney Galstad told District Judge Tamara Yon he was working with the BCA to have my computer forensically searched.

EGF City Attorney looked right into the eyes of District Judge Tamara Yon and lied about a (non-existent) relationship with the BCA) to buy time while the EGFPD illegal searched my hard-drive without a warrant. The EGFPD kept no ‘Chain of Evidence” nor “Record of Examination’ so they cannot tell me – you – or anybody else where that hard-drive was for 4-1/2 months!

I subsequently contacted the MDPS/BCA and their ranking officials said they knew nothing about the raid – they had no agents working up here – were never asked to examine my hard-drive – and did not authorize anybody to place stickers on my property.

In 2014 when the EDHA came under an audit, former director Jim Richter ordered Kim Nelson, a housing specialist, to shred a document they received from the U.S. Security Office regarding me.

Despite finding that Jim Richter told Kim Nelson to shred the federal document – EGF City Administrator David Murphy found the document had been shredded in “error”.

As you see – the nightmare that started for me in 2009 was still going strong in 2014.

People that do this kind of thing never change.

I sincerely hope everyone in the Grand Forks area will remember Dru Sjodin – and prayerfully ponder – what kind of police department and elected government officials would deliberately stay silent on a burning hot lead regarding a kidnapped little girl on an Amber Alert child – just to rig loans?

Sincerely yours,

Timothy Charles Holmseth



Minnesota police chief defends officer caught fabricating Police Report

Internal policy reveals police officers are free to lie in reports

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

When Officer Aeisso Schrage made-up a fake quote, placed quotation marks around it, emphasized it with all caps, and attributed it to a man in an official police report; he was sure he was going to get away with it.

He got caught.

Here’s what happened.

Schrage asserted the false statement to something he claimed to hear while listening to a man through the door of the man’s own residence, while the man was talking on the telephone to his attorney.

The problem for Schrage is – the man was an experienced journalist and was recording the call between himself and his attorney – every word that was spoken was captured on audio- the police officer was caught in the act of filing a false police report.


Nope – not according to Michael Hedlund, chief of police, East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

Here are the facts.

The following was authored by Schrage and filed in a police report:

When we arrived we overheard HOLMSETH talking to someone on the telephone, rather loudly, about taking some videos off the internet and that he “MUST HAVE FORGOTTEN SOME.” We knocked and announced and the door was answered by HOLMSETH.

     -December 14, 2012 / Officer Aeisso Schrage / EGFPD

The quotation marks and emphasis are Schrage’s – the statement is presented as Schrage wrote it. 

The following is Chief Hedlund’s response to Timothy Charles Holmseth’s complaint:

In your letter dated August 15, 2013 you stated that you felt Off. Aeisso Schrage fabricated a statement and that Sgt. Chris Olson signed off on said report, thus approving it. I have found no evidence of any intentional misrepresentation by any member of our staff in this incident. Police reports are written from the memory of the officer (sometimes supported by notes) and are typically not exact reproductions of statements that have been made. I find your complaint regarding this matter to be “Unfounded”.

     -September 30, 2013 / Police Chief Michael Hedlund

Hedlund’s act of defending the obvious Misconduct has been occurring under the legal guidance provided by East Grand Forks City Attorney Ronald Galstad.

Because of this, and other actions brought against Holmseth, advanced by Hedlund and Galstad, are clearly illegal, the matter has been submitted by Holmseth to Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth and Sheriff Barb Erdman.

The letter reads in part:

Hedlund justifies Schrage’s completely fabricated quote by saying statements in police reports are “…typically not exact reproductions of statements that have been made.” The quote Schrage attributed to me was encased in ‘quotation marks’ and was emphasized with all capitalized letters. It was presented as an ‘exact reproduction’ of something I allegedly said.

Hedlund’s explanation is preposterous and shows he is attempting to cover-up misconduct and criminal activity occurring at the EGFPD.

The evidence in this matter clearly shows Schrage and Olson are guilty of Misconduct and criminal activity. Schrage completely fabricated a non-existent statement out of whole cloth, and then introduced the false statement into the official record by placing it into a Police Report. The false quote was intended to be used as evidence against me in support of a criminal complaint filed by the STATE OF MINNESOTA.

Schrage and Olson believed they were going to get away with the crime they committed against me because they did not know I used my Journalist/Reporter’s recorder to record the entire event.

     -October 29, 2013 / Timothy Charles Holmseth

“She’s their Dru Sjodin”

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

“Who is this little girl” the woman asked, as she gently flipped through the pages of my book, which was sitting on the counter of Fine Print Inc. in Grand Forks.

She was really just kind of talking to herself.

“HaLeigh Cummings,” see said inquisitively, turning some pages, as she read the title to herself, noting aloud with interest the child was from “Florida”.

The secretary at Fine Print, who had many chats with me during the development of the book, overheard her, and kindly sought to offer some insight.

“She’s a little girl from Florida that … she … she … well … she’s their Dru Sjodin,” she said.

I don’t remember the names of either of those two lovely ladies, but I have never forgotten that brief exchange. It reminded me of how important HaLeigh is to so many people, far away, and I felt a sense of humility at that moment that I have never been able to articulate.

Of course…there is not a heart in North Dakota or Northern Minnesota that does not still ache and stir with pain when Dru Sjodin’s name is spoken, or her photograph is seen.

Thankfully…on the justice side of that tragic story, we find our system spoke loud and clear to the value we still put on human life, and on August 30, 2006, Alfonso Rodriguez, Jr. was convicted in federal court of murdering Dru Sjodin. On September 22, 2006, he was sentenced to death.

Thank the Lord that justice was served.

But I’d like to invite you to ponder a thought.

Try to imagine the public outrage that would have ensued if the Rodriquez case had been tainted, lost, or thrown out because law enforcement officers were caught engaging in misconduct.

The worst thing the public can do is turn their collective heads when police officers and government officials hijack the system, view themselves as above the law, start acting cute, and manipulate the law for their own selfish purposes.

Growing up in a small town in southern Minnesota, I recall a Faribault County criminal case where a young punk broke into an un-occupied home, stole a car from the garage, and seeking to cover all his tracks, he burned the house to the ground.

All the felony charges were subsequently dropped because the Prosecutor went on vacation and missed specific filing dates. The family stood in the proverbial, and literal, ashes, of their entire life, devastated that the guilty man was allowed to simply walk away.

I remember reading the letter to the editor the homeowner wrote to the newspaper as she talked about keepsakes and baby pictures they would never get back; she called for the Prosecutor’s resignation.

Indeed, public officials all too often develop a grossly exaggerated sense of themselves, and if it goes unchecked, it can literally become a public safety issue.

I’ll tell you why I say that.

In October, 2012 Attorney Michael LaCoursiere, public defender, 9th Minnesota District, casually told me he hoped East Grand Forks City Attorney Ronald Galstad wouldn’t have Detective Sgt. Chris Olson, EGFPD, lie on the witness stand against me.

He was half smiling when he said it.

LaCoursiere talked about Sgt. Olson lying on the witness stand like some people might chat about the weather. The moment he spoke those words to me I knew something was wrong – and I was trapped in a lion’s den. He had planted a seed – knowing it would take root and grow so he could exploit it later.

I wasn’t particularly worried at the time because the State did not have a case against me and I knew it. But I guess they didn’t need one.

On the day of my scheduled jury trial, LaCoursiere used coercion and high pressure techniques to force me into accepting an Alford plea. He told me Ronald Galstad had a couple of cops that would lie on the stand if I insisted on having a jury trial.

We all knew, however, that the true issue between me and the police department was information I had uncovered about Lt. Rod Hajicek. Sgt. Olson and others while working on my book.

When I submitted an Affidavit to the Minnesota Bar Association and FBI about the threat to use perjured testimony from police, the City of East Grand Forks obtained a Search and Seizure Warrant, violently entered my home-office and took my computer. As I recall, Sgt. Olson was the first one through the door.

Nothing illegal was found on my computer, I was subsequently charged with no crime, and the City agreed to give me my property back if I withdrew my formal complaint against them. When they returned the hard-drive to me it was ruined.

Why did they want a conviction so bad?

I’ll tell you.

Police incident reports at the East Grand Forks Police Department show the police received calls about me from out of state from people I had interviewed for my book. Some of the callers, at that very time, were under active investigation by the FBI and had been questioned by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office for their suspected involvement in the kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings.


Kidnapping suspects were actually calling the East Grand Forks Police up on the phone and starting relationships – some that lasted years.

Of course we always hope an event at the level of Dru Sjodin will never happen again; and God knows we would be in serious trouble if it does. The stories of incompetence and blatant corruption in East Grand Forks and Polk County are many and ongoing.

It’s hard to imagine what a skilled defense attorney could do to police officers that think and act in criminal patterns and lie with great pride.

My outrage expressed for now, I’ll leave you with a small piece of irony that occurred to me today.

Local officials went to an extraordinary amount of effort to gain access to my home-office, so they could seize my hard-drive and ruin it.

Yet, everything I wrote here came from memory, except what came out of an envelope buried in a pile of documents from long ago.

It was something I had scribbled down in pencil on a Burger King napkin in my car in 2010 after someone said something about HaLeigh I thought was important.

“She’s their Dru Sjodin”