BCI interview with police shooting witness reveals official version is impossible

North Dakota prosecutor never interviewed the only eyewitness in Attempted Murder case against Native American man

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on November 30, 2016, 9:11 A.M. CST

Pembina County States Attorney Ryan Bialis allegedly neglected to interview a motorist that rolled up on the scene of a police shooting.


SA Bialis prosecuted Clifford Edward Monteith III, 26, Grand Forks, for Attempted Murder of a police officer that resulted in Monteith’s bail being set at $1 Million.

Withholding exculpatory evidence and deliberately not interviewing the only witness in an Attempted Murder case could be Prosecutorial Misconduct.

Write Into Action has received multiple requests by citizens to conduct a journalistic investigation into this matter.

Residents of the very rural area in North Dakota that sits on the United States border with Canada, say they live in fear because of drug trafficking and the police.

On June 5, 2016 Pembina County Deputy Brad Bowman shot Clifford Edward Monteith III on a rural highway near Neche, North Dakota.

Bowman allegedly approached Monteith and his girlfriend Rebecca Rausch, after he observed they were driving slow. Both Monteith and Rausch told Bowman they were looking for “the Neche house”.

The event was widely reported and picked up by the AP.

“During the assault Bowman shot Monteith three times from point blank range before Monteith was able to escape and be admitted to Altru hospital in Grand Forks,” Valley New Live reported.

The Grand Forks Herald reported, “Bowman used his Taser, but Monteith fought off the device, allegedly chasing the deputy back to his car. Monteith then tried to grab Bowman’s gun from his hand while the officer was in his vehicle, according to court documents”.

“The attack ended when Bowman shot Monteith three times, according to a news release. Monteith then kicked the door shut, leaving a dent in the side of the deputy’s vehicle, and fled the scene in a 2007 Pontiac Torrent before being arrested, according to court documents,” the Herald said.

But there’s a huge problem with the official story.

WDAZ-TV interviewed eyewitness Sara Ramos Letexier, a local resident who was on her way home from work and pulled up onto scene and spoke with Bowman.

“It happened in view of my house, so the news asked me questions,” Letexier told Write Into Action.

Letexier told WDAZ she saw a man lying crumpled up on the road. She said Bowman looked very shook up and told her she would need to go a different way because he had been attacked. She later heard a gun shot.

Write Into Action obtained the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) interviews conducted with Letexier and Bowman.

Letexier told the same story to BCI agents that she did to WDAZ.

During his BCI interview, Bowman never mentioned his encounter with a motorist. However, according to Letexier, Bowman approached her about it. “He approached me after he returned and thanked me for saying nice things about him,” Letexier said.

This creates a serious problem.


According to the official version of the event, the shooting victim, Monteith, was long gone at the point Letexier pulled up in her car.

But Letexier saw the man lying in the road.

BCI records state Bowman radioed “shots fired” at 12:23 A.M. He radioed that the SUV was southbound on Highway 18 at 12:24 A.M.

That’s one minute.

If Letexier saw a man lying on the road and saw the vehicle he was traveling in parked at the scene – Bowman’s account of the event is a complete lie.

Recall the Herald’s report regarding how the attack ended.

“The attack ended when Bowman shot Monteith three times, according to a news release. Monteith then kicked the door shut, leaving a dent in the side of the deputy’s vehicle, and fled the scene in a 2007 Pontiac Torrent before being arrested, according to court documents,” the Herald said.

So who did Lextexier see lying on the road and why did she hear gunshots after she got home?

“Without ever speaking to me [Bialis] said that I was lying to my family and anyone else who would listen,” Letexier told Write Into Action.

This is only the latest police cover up in a State that appears to be saturated with corrupt and compromised law enforcement officers and public officials.

Facts and circumstances surrounding the Bowman/Monteith shooting indicate Monteith, who had an extensive criminal history, usually managed to stay free of incarceration, but may have been kept on a leash by gangland international drug operatives in law enforcement.

Interestingly – in October, 2016 law enforcement claim they stumbled upon drugs during a “routine” theft investigation.

Neche, N.D. — A routine theft investigation turned into one of the biggest drug busts in Pembina County.

Now police are also investigating a local business to see if it was used to channel those drugs.

It started with a search warrant for stolen, high-priced car parts at 52-year-old Renaud Winkler’s property off Highway 18 in Neche, N.D.

 Grand Forks Herald / October 8, 2016

Was the Winkler property actually “the Neche house” Monteith and Rausch were looking for when Bowman took an interest in them?

SA Bialis’ office contacted Write Into Action shortly before publication with questions regarding this article and wanted to know how Write Into Action came into communication with Letexier.

For more details on this read Pembina County police shooting cover up – – – BCI records show official version clashes with eyewitness account

Write Into Action will publish any responsive statement received by SA Bialis.




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