Police Shooting: Police officer’s body cam found (hidden) underneath his squad car

Philando Castile shooting protesters justified in doubting investigation

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 9, 2016, 1:09 P.M. CST

The United States Department of Justice needs to investigate a police shooting in North Dakota.

The body-cam worn by UND police officer Jerad Braaten, who shot David James Elliott, an unarmed man, in a Grand Forks, North Dakota hospital parking lot, was found by investigators underneath the officer’s squad car.

The astonishing revelation comes as protests across the nation are turning deadly due to public trust issues regarding official investigations, and in the wake of the fatal police shooting of Philando Castile, which occurred in neighboring Minnesota.

Philando Castile

Philando Castile

The U.S. DOJ announced it will monitor the Minnesota BCA investigation of the Castile shooting. Notably, the Minneapolis FBI has territorial jurisdiction for North Dakota.

The revelation regarding the officers attempt to hide his body camera supports the cries of protesters across the nation that are demanding justice, in what appears to be a national ‘Pattern and Practice’ of clearing police officers that are committing murders.

The staggering fact that the UND police officer’s body-cam was found under his car is revealed in a line item of an investigative inventory sheet by the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) obtained by Write Into Action.

Write Into Action has been conducting an in-depth journalistic investigation into the police shooting.

Special Agent Michael Ness recorded in the Inventory Sheet “UNDPD body cam” was found “under UNDPD squad car”.

Bratten Body Cam Under Squad Car


Write Into Action has uncovered insurmountable evidence that shows an elaborate multi-agency and Institutional cover-up of the police shooting of David James Elliott is underway.

Evidence shows the truth about the shooting is factually known to UND, Altru Health System, ND BCI, and other law enforcement agencies involved.

Evidence strongly suggests the shooting was an attempted murder being carried out in the form of a ‘hit’ – possibly related to drug trafficking in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Grand Forks States Attorney David Jones found Officer Braaten acted within the law when he shot David Elliott.

However, the facts of the case that have come during Write Into Action’s investigation show there is no possible way an honest, law-abiding, reasonable person could have reached that conclusion.

Write Into Action’s investigation has discovered that every single police video obtained thus far appears to be tampered with; contains changed properties; and/or was otherwise altered/manipulated in various ways.

No video released thus far shows the actual shooting.

However, the dash-cam of a GFPD police officer’s squad car that captured the shooting in the distance was inexplicably altered. The color video was changed so it would only appear in black and white. The black and white creates shadows and glare that obfuscates the details in the video. All other video; including video from the same officers car; was in color.

Write Into Action has submitted a public records request to UNDPD for the body-cam of Braaten; the video still has not been delivered.

Write Into Action has obtained evidence that Braaten actually attempted to shoot Elliott a few minutes prior to the actual shooting, while Elliott’s vehicle was stopped atop the Columbia Road bridge in Grand Forks with his arms out the window, surrendering. The first attempt failed because Braaten’s gun jammed.

Braaten allegedly lied to investigators about a cartridge located atop the bridge, and only admitted he had performed an action with his gun on the bridge, after his fingerprints were found on the cartridge.

Write Into Action exclusively obtained and published UNDPD records show Braaten was disciplined for actions he took regarding his police cameras.

UND letter Jerad Braaten


Braaten was later hired by the Grand Forks Police Department.

David Elliott’s lawyer on the case, Darla Schuman, has not responded to requests for comment.

For more information about Write Into Action’s police shooting investigation go to WRITE INTO ACTION


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