UND football team operating interstate drug trafficking ring

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on April 6, 2016, 10:13 P.M. CST

Several members of the University of North Dakota football team are operating an interstate drug trafficking operation.

According to an UND insider that spoke with Write Into Action, the drug trafficking ring is comprised of as many as seven football players.

UND football players Iwarri Smith and were arrested on March 6, 2016 for drug related charges.

UND Police Chief Eric Plummer

UND Police Chief Eric Plummer

However, according to Write Into Action’s source, the extent of the drug trafficking is much larger than the public has been told.

“There’s a huge drug trafficking ring at UND and they’re all part of the football team,” the insider said.

Although the media has reported the arrest of two football players, up to seven players have been removed from the football team.

“They sell cocaine, ecstasy, pot – you name it. They bring it in from California,” the insider said.

UND has been plagued with drug related problems in the past years.

Multiple overdose deaths, and the senseless shooting of an unarmed man by a UND police officer are creating questions about the true hierarchy that governs the extensive drug trade in the region.

According to the source, it is common knowledge at UND that the drug trade involves members of law enforcement.



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