Lawyer brought into Hope Church intimidation case at Grand Cities Mall

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 18, 2015 at 8:23 A.M. CST

The shop-keeper that says he was physically threatened by Hope Church employees for talking about why he was leaving the Grand Cities Mall has been talking again.

This time to a lawyer.

David Gerszewski is the owner of Precious Metals Gold & Silver Exchange, Grand Cities Mall

David Gerszewski is the owner of Precious Metals Gold & Silver Exchange, Grand Cities Mall

Write Into Action has learned from multiple sources that David Gerszewski, the 81 year-old owner of Precious Metal Gold and Silver Exchange, was the victim of a plan to force him out of the mall without the public ever knowing the real reason.

The plan was implemented almost immediately after Louis Christoffer, a member of Hope Evangelical Church was hired as the mall manager.

Christoffer is a former Grand Forks Police Officer and allegedly touted that fact as mall manager, while being involved in incidents where there were threats of physical violence; misrepresentation of facts; and he even authored a bogus legal letter with intent to deceive.

Gerszewski was told in August, 2015, that his rent was being increased from $500 per month to $2,000. He said was told they could rent his unit out in “two days” at the rate of $2,000 per month and were “losing money”.

Gerszewski said he could not afford such a dramatic increase and asked if he could rent a smaller unit that was sitting empty but was told “no” – he could not occupy any unit in the mall whatsoever.

Precious Metal Gold and Silver Exchange has been in the Grand Cities Mall for 18 years

Precious Metal Gold and Silver Exchange has been in the Grand Cities Mall for 18 years

“They said they had a list ‘this long’ of people that wanted to rent that store,” Gerszewski said, pointing to a unit in the mall while making an expanding gesture with his hands. “Now there just putting Halloween decorations up in there. Nobody’s renting it,” he said.

“I asked them if there was any other reason I should know about that they wanted me to leave. They told me ‘no’”. Gerszewski said.

According to multiple sources that is not true.

Write Into Action is investigating the alleged true facts behind the actual reason Gerszewski’s business has been targeted.

Meanwhile, Gerszewski said he has consulted an attorney regarding the eviction letter he was given by Christoffer.

Gerszewski said it was good news. “Only a judge can evict me. They can’t change my locks. They can’t seize my property,” he said.

Christoffer gave Gerszewski the eviction letter on October 6, 2015, that said the Lease signed August 20, 2015, was “terminated”.

“The lawyer said they have no authority to do that. Only a judge can do that,” Gerszewski said.

Emerging facts and circumstances reveal that even the Lease is being legally questioned and may have been signed under coercion or duress.

“It had to be right now – right now – right now,” Gerszewski said, explaining that Christoffer and another Hope Church employee, Al Maloney, applied high-pressure tactics against him and would not let him think or examine his situation.

At one point, according to Gerszewski, the situation actually escalated to threats of physical violence. Gerszewski said Maloney pointed his finger in his face and threatened to physically throw him out of the mall if he heard any more things going around that he didn’t like.

Gerszewski said at one point he became so upset he thought he was going to have a heart-attack.

Write Into Action continues to investigate.



One comment

  1. Deb Kennedy-Embury

    That is so cruel, it is the worst thing I have ever heard of! A church with all these nasty members trying to be tough guys! I gotta it is quite a jump from $500. to $2.000, seems like a threat to me! Just because your congregation has risen to a higher count does not give you the right be controlling.

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