Crime Stoppers tip named “Chris Pesch” and “Steve Boushy” in Daryl Sindermann murder

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on September 10, 2015 at 8:05 P.M.

On June 29, 1987, a person reported information regarding a homicide to Grand Forks Crime Stoppers, Inc.

The information was regarding the unsolved murder of Daryl Jeray Sindermann who went missing in September of 1986 after attending a keg party by the Thompson Bridge in East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

Daryl Jeray Sindermann

Daryl Jeray Sindermann

Sindermann’s body was found eight months later in six feet of water.

The report taken by Crime Stoppers on June 29, 1987 said:

Suspect # 1: Chris Pesch, EGF

Suspect # 2: Steve Boushy, EGF

The narrative recorded by the Crime Stoppers contact said:

“Caller stated that he was at a party by the Thompson Bridge – the same party Daryl Sindermann was at. Caller stated that suspects and two other guys beat up Daryl and were going to thrown him in the river. Suspects tried to beat up caller and some other guys too. Caller says suspect #1 is involved the most. Suspects were drunk and/or stoned. Caller says his wife knows more about this, she was at the party too, and he will see if she will call us”.

The caller stated there were other witnesses.

Write Into Action is investigating the Daryl Sindermann murder as part of the investigative series ‘East Grand Forks – History of Darkness – Culture of Death’.

Daryl Sindermann 1

Daryl Sindermann 2



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