Special Investigation: East Grand Forks – History of Darkness – Culture of Death

Exponent Cariveau Ellingson

Exponent photograph illuminates East Grand Forks Police Department’s dark history – Gary Cariveau, Curt Ellingson, Grand Forks Herald, Exponent

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on August 28, 2015 at 8:54 P.M.

On Thursday July 16, 2015, former EGF Police Chief Gary Cariveau received a badge honoring the fact he had “Retired” from the local police department.

Cariveau was featured on the cover of the East Grand Forks Exponent on July 22 alongside other former EGFPD chiefs and officers after a bizarre ritual at the EGF city hall.

On Friday July 17, the Grand Forks Herald also invested a news reporter in the bizarre ritual.

In an article entitled “Retired East Grand Forks police officers, resident among those recognized for fighting crime” the Herald joined the Exponent as they privately mocked readers across the region.

“I’m bad at pictures, let me tell you — unless it’s a wanted poster,” retired Police Chief Gary Cariveau joked.

Gary Cariveau’s career and wholesale carnage on the rights of innocent people is hardly a laughing matter and only a very sick person who make a joke about the things he has done.

In Write Into Action’s previous segment, the cover-up of the Kacey Beck murder by Cariveau was re-visited and examined.

Write Into Action observed that Cariveau assembled with others on July 16, 2015, to worship deception, pain, lies, and death in the EGF city hall.

The sick joke made by the Grand Forks Herald was not an accident. Rather, it is an inside joke between a group of people that worship deception, pain, and death during secret rituals in private facilities on both sides of the Red River.

The joke is on the members of the gullible public that don’t have a clue what it is going on as they naively believe headlines and false narratives put forth by the Herald and Exponent.

But the truth can be resurrected.

In the early 1990’s an investigative report was filed by KTHI – News 11 regarding the increasing concern over complaints that people were being savagely beaten by officers at the East Grand Forks Police Department.

The following are some of the first-hand accounts of what was occurring while Gary Cariveau was chief of police in East Grand Forks.

Jon Osowski

Jon Osowski was beaten while handcuffed on the floor of the East Grand Forks police department.

“I was umm; they had me by the back of the head and I was knocked into the floor a couple of times. Probably four or five times and I blacked out completely. And I just; I remember waking up on the floor in the booking room”.

Write Into Action has filed Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to multiple state and federal agencies; interviewed witnesses; reviewed media, etc.

According to evidence, Jon Osowski appeared at one point to have completely stopped breathing during what was described as a homicidal attack by a sadistic psychopath. His life was likely saved by the intervention of other officers who told the assaulting officer, Sgt. Curt Ellingson, to stop.

Curt Ellingson is listed in the cutline beneath the photograph on the Exponent as being an officer that received an award but was not present for the photograph.

News footage from the KTHI investigation reveals Neil Carlson acquired a statement from an East Grand Forks police officer that showed something bad was in fact happening to Osowski.

“Sgt. Jim Grabanski was inside the building at the time of Osowki’s arrest. Grabanski says his view of what was going on was blocked. But, Grabanski says, he heard what he believes was one officer yelling to another “that’s enough” Neil Carlson reported.

Evidence that will be explored in later segments of this investigative series reveals Curt Ellingson exhibited the behavior of a psychopath on many different occasions while an officer at the EGFPD. Gary Cariveau, as well as local news media knew Ellingson was extremely sick and dangerous.

Duane Darling

“[The police officer] grabbed me by the back of my hair – he forced me down on the trunk like that and on the crease of the quarter panel – on the crease of the quarter panel is where I hit my chin and split my chin open – I then asked him what the hell was going on – he kept banging my face on – I couldn’t hear what he was saying – he kept banging my face – I noticed my teeth – that he had broken out a tooth of mine.”

Former Juvenile Probation Officer – Witness

“I did hear of the abuse that went on in the [East Grand Forks] jail. But aside from that the only witnessing that I had had myself as far as someone that had came out with marks on him was one of my clients”

 Unidentified Woman

“I was handcuffed behind my back. Two cops opened the cop door to the car I was in and started one took out his billy-club and started beating the crap out of me and it wasn’t it good enough that he got the front of my face he set me over and started on my back side”

Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson was hit in the head with a billy-club by an East Grand Forks police officer.

“You know I just kind of like – melted. And the next thing I remember is standing straight up again and he pushed me into the back of his car. Slammed the door on my legs – pushed my legs in the car – shut the door again – by the  time I sat up he was already in the front seat – and the  blood was just running down my face – “

Jim Fail – Witness

“I saw the East Grand Forks Police Department beat this gentleman with a billy-club into an unconscious state,” Jim Fail told KTHI – News 11.

Dean Bass

“He was grabbing my arm like this and he kept on like yanking it back like that and I felt it go like that and I was like my arm you’re going to dislocate my arm and the next thing I know it just dropped out and all my energy – I couldn’t even argue with him anymore I was like uhh; and then the pain hit and I was like ahhhhhhhh; I need to see a doctor”

“East Grand Forks Chief of Police Gary Cariveau has declined to comment,” said Neil Carlson, KTHI – News 11.



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