Special Investigation: East Grand Forks – History of Darkness – Culture of Death

Exponent Cariveau

Exponent photograph illuminates East Grand Forks Police Department’s dark history

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on August 25, 2015 at 7:46 A.M.

On Thursday July 16, 2015, former EGF Police Chief Gary Cariveau received a badge honoring the fact he had “Retired” from the local police department.

Cariveau was featured on the cover of the East Grand Forks Exponent on July 22 alongside other former EGFPD chiefs and officers after a bizarre ritual at the EGF city hall.

While the Exponent presented  Cariveau as a person that deserved to be honored, his career as chief of police accumulated to nothing more than a series of investigations by news and state agencies into prisoner abuse and death.

More often than not, when complaints were filed by victims, or Cariveau’s department would come under investigative scrutiny, he would not answer any questions.

There is a very good reason for that.

Write Into Action’s investigation into the EGFPD and the City’s dark history has found evidence EGF police officers deliberately tortured prisoners with sadistic pleasure – a satanic practice.

Evidence is also emerging regarding pedophile sexual abuse and systematic covering up for a well known psychopath within the EGFPD ranks.

In this installment of the investigative series, Write Into Action is going to provide the basic facts on Cariveau’s deliberate cover-up of a local murder.


On July 25, 1992, Kacey Beck, 39, was found lying dead on the kitchen floor of his home. The inadequate investigation into his death by Cariveau’s department soon caught the attention of regional news KTHI – News 11.

“East Grand Forks Police quickly wrapped up the investigation calling Beck’s death a drug overdose. But the facts in the case didn’t all add up. An autopsy revealed Beck had heroin in his system but not enough to kill him,” reported Neil Carlson.

The basics of the Beck’s death were so simple that an intelligent grade school child would have concluded differently than the East Grand Forks Police Department, if given the basic facts for a problem-solving assignment.

According to KTHI:

  • The autopsy listed Beck’s death at 1 PM
  • At 7 PM a friend stopped by and found the door to Beck’s home locked – nobody answered – so he left
  • At 9 PM a neighbor found the door to Beck’s home unlocked and Beck lying dead on the floor
  • Beck’s identification and money were missing

Despite the aforementioned basic facts, the now ‘honored’ Cariveau determined the death was simply a drug overdose and quickly closed the case.

Cariveau’s cover-up, which halted any further investigations into the murder and flow of narcotics into the area may have been appreciated by the drug trafficking community, but they were not appreciated by the people that loved Kacey Beck.

The sick and depraved actions of Cariveau’s Department so drew the ire of Beck’s sister, Bridget Gothberg, that she said was outraged at the lack of “respect” she was shown.

“No I don’t think they did a fair job of investigating the death of my brother. I think I was treated without respect and without regard. I don’t think they conducted even the basics of an investigation,” Gothberg told KTHI.

Gothberg specifically said she believed foul play was involved. She was so disgusted by Cariveau’s department that she contacted a state agency overseeing police and reported the affair.

KTHI interviewed the agency.

“What happened in the Kacey Beck case was, because he had a history of drug use, his death was immediately written off as an overdose of drugs. But there was never any indication in reality that that was the case,” the state agent interviewed by KTHI said.

The KTHI News footage says a confidential source told the reporter they believed Beck’s last dose of heroin had been spiked with deadly chemicals that were intended to kill him. It was done as result of a dispute over a drug debt.

The EGFPD was ordered to re-open the case and improve their investigative practices.

Those familiar with the drug trafficking community understand that drug overdoses that result in a death are sometimes the result of pre-meditated murder. Kacey Beck is believed to have been given a ‘hot-shot’ that was intended to kill him.

Gary Cariveau knew that.

Gary Cariveau knows that.

Gary Cariveau assembled with others on July 16, 2015, to worship deception, pain, lies, and death in the EGF city hall.

There is more information to come regarding Gary Cariveau in this investigative series.




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