Concerns mount regarding criminal profiler brought onto Dylan Redwine murder case

America's Little Girl

Former FBI criminal profiler Pete Klismet refuses to answer questions after an online sex attack on a journalist’s children.

Klismet was recently brought onto the Dylan Redwine murder case, which exploded into the headlines recently when the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado announced a person of interest had been identified.

Dylan Redwine Dylan Redwine

Sheriff’s office spokesman Dan Bender credited Klismet, a retired FBI investigator, for recent progress, according to a July 1 article by the Denver Post.

The case is now being rocked by sex attacks online against minor children, and Klismet has found himself right in the middle of it, but refusing to answer questions.

But there is no way he can seperate himself from the event.

On July 12, 2015, Klismet appeared on a Web radio talk show with Levi Page. Klismet was contacted in advance and provided a wealth of evidence that showed Page was a…

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