Grand Forks County Attorney’s Office goes around BCI in David James Elliot shooting investigation

David Elliot called 911 after the police began chasing him

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

The Grand Forks County State’s Attorney’s Office announced today it has made findings in the David James Elliot pursuit and shooting; going around the BCI, which is the lead agency in the investigation.

Grand Forks County State’s Attorney David Jones found that UND police officer Jared Braaten was justified in shooting David Elliot, and also announced that Elliot is facing felony charges.

Jones submitted his three-page opinion to UND Police Department Chief Eric Plummer. “Mr. Elliott’s actions were such that multiple individuals, law enforcement and civilian alike, were placed in extreme danger for their life or serious bodily injury,” Jones said.

Plummer, however, has previously told news reporters that the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation is the lead investigative agency handling all matters regarding the David Elliot case and would be handling any criminal charges in the matter.

REPORTER: Do you have any pending charges against Mr. Elliot?

ERIC PLUMMER: Again, that’s going to be handled through Bureau of Criminal Investigation – they are the leading agency on this so they will handle those charges.


New information contained in Jones’ opinion has created new questions about what was occurring the night David Elliot, an un-armed man, was pursued and subsequently shot by police.


The public has learned for the first time, one month after the event, that David Elliot actually called 911 the night he was being chased by police. David Elliot called 911 after the police began chasing him.

“The chase went as far south as Thompson, N.D., and topped speeds of 100 mph before a police supervisor called it off,” the Grand Forks Herald reported.

“Elliott himself then called 911. Elliott said something to a police officer over the phone which raised “concerns” he wanted to harm himself, according to Jones’ opinion,” the Herald reported.

The description of the 911 call does not make it clear if David Elliot made a statement of “concern” to the 911 operator, or to a different police officer on a telephone.

The report does not elaborate on what David Elliot said that caused the “concern”.


The fact that David Elliot called 911 after the police began pursuing him; and after the pursuit had been called off; creates the distinct appearance he was desperately seeking help.

David Elliot has no meaningful criminal record, but on the night of February 27-28, 2015, he refused to stop for police officers, who themselves, have provided no real reason for taking an interest in him in the first place.

After calling 911, David Elliot managed to get his vehicle, hobbled by spike-strips, to the Altru parking lot near the emergency room.

There he was shot.


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