Information needed from North Dakota Highway Patrol regarding David Elliot pursuit

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

On March 22, 2015, Write Into Action published Was the David James Elliot shooting premeditated attempted murder? Bureau of Criminal Investigation probing ‘hit’ by rogue police?  

In the article, Grand Forks County Sheriff Bob Rost was called out for lying to reporters about the location of his deputies, when questioned by a reporter at the first press conference following the David Elliot shooting.

The article also called out the fact that the North Dakota Highway Patrol did not attend any of the press conferences, and has made no comments regarding their involvement in the David Elliot pursuit.

Within a few hours of the Write Into Action article question if the David Elliot shooting was premeditated attempted murder, as well as featuring the blatant lies of Sheriff Rost, the Bismarck Tribune published North Dakota Highway Patrol says their priority is safety, not quotas”.

The Bismarck Tribune article featured a photo of Jeremy Rost, North Dakota Highway Patrol. The article and photo was then re-published by the Grand Forks Herald.

According to the biography of Sheriff Rost, he has a son named Jeremy employed by the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

According to phone calls and emails received at Write Into Action, the public wants to know the North Dakota Highway Patrol’s involvement in the David Elliot pursuit.

“It’s great that the Bismarck Tribune and Grand Forks Herald are letting us all know how much the state troopers love us, but what we really need to know is their involvement in the David Elliot pursuit and shooting,” said one reader.

That includes the name(s) of all state troopers that pursued David Elliot.


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