Former president of Minnesota Newspaper Association eyed in Boardwalk Enterprises loan-fraud money-laundering scandal

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Suspicion surrounding the co-publishers of a Northwest Minnesota weekly newspaper lingers after they involved themselves in what may turn out to be organized criminal activity.

Rollin and Julie Bergman, Page 1 Publications, co-publishers of the East Grand Forks Exponent, refuse to explain why their newspaper published a timeline of events ‘out of order’ regarding the Boardwalk Enterprises loan-fraud money-laundering scheme.

Rollin Bergman is named as Immediate Past President on the Minnesota Newspaper Association website.

The Bergman’s have not responded to several written requests for clarification on the matter, nor have they alerted the public to the multiple discrepancies they introduced to trusting readers.

The matter is of critical importance because it involves the theft of over a half million dollars of government funds, which was pilfered for the personal profit and gain of a cabal of local officials.

On December 3, 2014, The Exponent published a timeline of events that, according to The Exponent, was prepared by EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad.

The submission of the timeline by Galstad to the Bergman’s; and the subsequent publication of the timeline by the Bergman’s on behalf of Galstad is a legal act, because the timeline serves as a defacto Affidavit of Facts by Galstad regarding any pending legal actions regarding the Boardwalk Enterprises scandal.

The timeline serves as Galstad’s Affidavit regarding the actions of a former EGF City Attorney, Karl Lindquist, who also acted as the government news reporter for The Exponent.


Karl Lindquist was the EGF City Attorney in 1999. Lindquist handled the Mortgage paperwork that suspiciously disappeared regarding the project that became Boardwalk Enterprises.

In 2012, the Bergman’s chose Lindquist to act as the local government news reporter for The Exponent. Lindquist was also the interim city administrator when Scott Huizenga resigned in April of 2012.

Many question why the Bergman’s would employ a former city attorney to be their government news reporter when East Grand Forks is surrounded by colleges and universities including Northland Community College, University of North Dakota, and the University of Minnesota.

Critical information regarding Lindquist’s actions is addressed at the very beginning of the timeline.

* * * * *




March 29, 1999

Dave Parker on behalf of D.J. Parker, Inc. sent a written proposal to the City to construct a commercial building between Whitey’s and the Blue Moose

March 24, 1999

Karl Lindquist reviewed the proposal presented to the City of East Grand Forks Administrative Committee

* * * * *

The chronologically incongruent beginning of the timeline, which would be instantly noticeable to an attentive child, appears to place Lindquist ‘reviewing’ a ‘proposal’ on March 24, 1999, that he would not officially receive until March 29, 1999.

There is no disagreement in the publication industry that Page 1 Publications has an obligation to present a timeline in chronological order.

The timeline contains several other chronological anomalies, as well.

The timeline of events published in the December 3, 2014 edition of The Exponent has been entered as an Exhibit in Holmseth v. City of East Grand Forks et al – United States District Court – District of Minnesota – 14-2970 (DWF/LIB).

In the most recent edition of the Exponent, as well as the Northern Light Region, newspapers that are both published by Page 1 Publications, Rollin Bergman is featured in photos, proudly receiving awards from the Minnesota Newspaper Association (MNA).

Respected newspaper reporters, as well as the integrity of the MNA, are at risk of their efforts and accolades being cheapened by the conduct of Rollin and Julie Bergman.

Any possible business relationship between the Bergman’s and key figures in the Boardwalk scandal, that resulted in profit or enrichment between for the Bergman’s, has not yet been determined.



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