League of Minnesota Cities notified of insurance fraud

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Timothy Charles Holmseth, plaintiff, Holmseth v. City of East Grand Forks et al, has contacted the League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) in regards to the insurance claim filed by the City of EGF to recover over $500,000 lost amidst the Boardwalk Enterprises scandal.

Holmseth alerted the organization to the federal lawsuit, and advised that a very clear body of evidence exists that shows the $510,000 disappeared through corruption and fraud in a money-laundering scheme that involved city officials, including EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad and EDHA Director James Richter.

Holmseth advised the LMC that any attempt to file an insurance claim should constitute insurance fraud, because the individuals filing the claim are factually aware the fraud occurred, and/or participated in the fraud.



  1. beer lover

    Proof Mayor Stauss was part of the Boardwalk development….From the “Hall of Fame” wall outside the gym at East Grand Forks Senior High School:

    “He helped put the Boardwalk together”

    From what I’ve been told, the bio was submitted by Stauss on his own behalf

  2. EGF Always

    Boardwalk as the strip of restaurants themselves. That included helping bring interest in such as Applebees at the time, Cuckoos Nest, Blue Moose, Whiteys, etc. and Altru. Not just one place, He helped bring the idea and vision. Talk about reading into something.

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