Boardwalk Enterprises ‘Timeline of Events’ published out of order by The Exponent raises questions

Exponent publishers remain silent on incongruent timeline compiled by EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Rollin and Julie Bergman, co-publishers of the East Grand Forks local newspaper are remaining silent regarding questions created by a ‘Boardwalk Enterprises’ timeline of events spread published in their newspaper.

On Wednesday, December 3, 2014, The Exponent published a three page spread regarding the Boardwalk Enterprises scandal that featured an exclusive interview with Dan Stauss and his business partners.

Dan Stauss, brother, EGF City Mayor Lynn Stauss, has been the subject of great media scrutiny since the Boardwalk scandal broke in the Grand Forks Herald in April, 2014.

The Exponent’s Boardwalk feature includes a page entitled ‘Boardwalk: Timeline of Events: Compiled by East Grand Forks City Attorney Ron Galstad’.

Specific areas of the timeline are raising questions because the timeline of events is out of chronological order. In other parts – the timeline contains chronologically impossible statements.

The accuracy of the timeline is relevant because The Exponent reported the timeline was “Compiled by East Grand Forks City Attorney Ron Galstad” therefore making it a defacto official statement by Galstad, and potential legal evidence in a court of law.

Timothy Charles Holmseth, Plaintiff, Holmseth v. City of East Grand Forks et al. contacted The Exponent’s co-publishers, Rollin and Julie Bergman, and requested a clarification, but as of the publication of this story has received no response.

Holmseth asked The Exponent’s publishers if the chronological errors were made by the Exponent, or if the timeline information was published exactly as they received it from Galstad. READ HOLMSETH LETTER TO BERGMANS

The initial chronologically incongruent portions contained in the timeline of events include the activities of Attorney Karl Lindquist.

Attorney Lindquist, a former government news reporter for The Exponent, was the EGF City Attorney that neglected to file the original Mortgage for Boardwalk; rather he hand-delivered it to former EDHA director James Richter whereupon it disappeared into thin air for a decade until it was discovered in 2014.

Why Lindquist didn’t simply file the Mortgage is not known.

In 2012, Attorney Lindquist was busy reporting local government news for The Exponent, and then became interim city administrator when Scott Huizenga resigned in April of 2012.

Lindquist became Interim Administrator at the recommendation of Mayor Lynn Stauss, the brother of Dan Stauss.

The Exponent’s exclusive interview with the Boardwalk business partners included a side bar story with a bold headline “‘Impact on the Stauss Family” that alerts the citizens of EGF to the critcal issue that Mayor Lynn Stauss feels like a victim in the whole matter.

The Stauss family has refused to answer questions or return phone calls from other media outlets.

The Exponent has not stated whether it stands by Galstad’s timeline or will issue a correction.


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