Charlson & Jorgenson asks judge to deny transcription request made by civil rights lawsuit plaintiff

Michael Mattocks, attorney, Charlson & Jorgenson Law Office, Thief River Falls, has requested Judge Tamara Yon deny Timothy Holmseth’s request for court hearing transcriptions.

Mattocks made the request to Judge Yon in a letter dated October 10, 2014.

Holmseth has requested multiple sets of court transcriptions, which according to Holmseth, will prove that Attorney Mattocks, along with Matthew Petrovich, guardian ad litem, made false allegations about Holmseth in advance of violating his constitutional rights.

According to Holmseth, the transcriptions will prove that Mattocks and Petrovich, maliciously continued to make defamatory accusations against Holmseth in open court, even after receiving clear and convincing evidence to the contrary from a licensed PhD.


Holmseth alleges the false accusations were made during an extortion scheme, set forth against Holmseth in the fall of 2013, shortly before the investigative journalist (Holmseth) reported the City of East Grand Forks to the Minnesota State Auditor in December of 2013, and requested an audit and investigation.

On April 29, 2014, the Grand Forks Herald reported “$510,000 loan to EGF goes unpaid for 10 years”.

The scandal, known as ‘Boardwalk Enterprises’ was the result of an audit.

EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad has become a central figure in the Boardwalk Enterprises scandal, and is a Defendant in Holmseth v. East Grand Forks et al. – a federal civil rights lawsuit.

Holmseth says there are documented connections between Galstad, Mattocks, and Petrovich.

Holmseth says incriminating court documents, filings, and transcriptions show that Mattocks had been in contact with Galstad; discussing matters regarding Holmseth; matters completely un-related to Mattocks’ courtroom involvement with Holmseth.

Holmseth says incriminating documents, filings, and transcriptions show that Petrovich mentioned Galstad during a court hearing, which was also completely un-related to Galstad; while defaming Holmseth and violating his constitutional rights.

The rights violations have continued as of October, 2014.

Holmseth has issued a Notice of Intent to Sue for Declaratory Relief in United States District Court.


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