EXPOSED! Charlie Crist – Scott Rothstein biofuel scheme – RICO against reporter

South Florida Insider


October 2, 2014

City of EGF resists racketeering claim in federal Memorandum

Former governor Charlie Crist and Scott Rothstein amongst evidence cited supporting RICO against journalist

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

In a Memorandum filed with the United States Court in Holmseth v. City of East Grand Forks et al., the City of EGF, represented by Attorney Nathan Midolo, Iverson Reuvers Condon, Bloomington, asserts Timothy Charles Holmseth did not properly allege a RICO (Racketeer Influence Corrupt Organizations Act) claim.

“Plaintiff has not presented any evidence of a “conspiracy” or “agreement” to commit two or more predicate racketeering acts,” Midolo argued.

In a responsive Memorandum, Holmseth supported the RICO claim, by demonstrating that not only had requisite acts occurred, but in 2009, the City of EGF began conspiring with business partners of now convicted Ponzi schemer, Scott W. Rothstein, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Rothstein is presently serving a 50 year…

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