City of EGF resists racketeering claim in federal Memorandum

Former governor Charlie Crist and Scott Rothstein amongst evidence cited supporting RICO against journalist

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

In a Memorandum filed with the United States Court in Holmseth v. City of East Grand Forks et al., the City of EGF, represented by Attorney Nathan Midolo, Iverson Reuvers Condon, Bloomington, asserts Timothy Charles Holmseth did not properly allege a RICO (Racketeer Influence Corrupt Organizations Act) claim.

“Plaintiff has not presented any evidence of a “conspiracy” or “agreement” to commit two or more predicate racketeering acts,” Midolo argued.

In a responsive Memorandum, Holmseth supported the RICO claim, by demonstrating that not only had requisite acts occurred, but in 2009, the City of EGF began conspiring with business partners of now convicted Ponzi schemer, Scott W. Rothstein, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Rothstein is presently serving a 50 year prison sentence after pleading guilty and operating the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of Florida. He admitted to buying off judges, politicians, and police.

Holmseth argued:

Criminal acts have been visited upon Plaintiff by actors from other states, already convicted of state and federal crimes; and/or actors directly associated through business ventures with a Defendant already the subject of an active RICO prosecution in the state of Florida; to include:

  • Scott W. Rothstein (RICO Defendant) (Subsequent Federal Felon Convict)
  • Richard P. Greene (Felon)
  • William E. Staubs (Charged with Felony False Imprisonment – Pled Guilty to Assault) 

Holmseth’s Memorandum further reads in part:

RICO violations being visited upon Plaintiff were for the express purpose of protecting existing criminal enterprises; those enterprises being:

  • Alternative Biofuels Technologies Inc (ABT) (Florida)
    • Scott W. Rothstein (RICO Defendant) (Subsequent Federal Felon Convict) – ½ owner of ABT
    • REDACTED REDACTED (Felon) – ½ owner of ABT
    • Richard P. Greene (Felon)
    • REDACTED REDACTED – ½ owner of ABT
  • Boardwalk Enterprises LLP (Minnesota)
    • Ronald Galstad (East Grand Forks City Attorney)
    • James Richter (Economic Housing and Development Director)
    • Dan Stauss (brother of East Grand Forks Mayor)
    • Scott Stauss
    • Lynn Stauss (Mayor – City of East Grand Forks)
    • Jane Moss
    • Karl Lindquist (former City Attorney and former City Administrator)
    • John Doe
    • Jane Doe
  • HaLeigh Bug (Florida)
      • HaLeigh Bug was a fraudulent endeavor erected to solicit donations from the public for non-existent searches for a child victim of a staged kidnapping.
      • William Staubs told Plaintiff that REDACTED REDACTED told him REDACTED had 10 more cases (fake kidnappings) just like this one (HaLeigh Cummings) lined up (i.e. the group was going to kidnap more children – place them in the underground – and then conduct national profile (televised) fake searches for the missing children.
      • Complaints from the savvy public forced REDACTED REDACTED to set up a non-profit with the Department of Agriculture. Evidence shows REDACTED REDACTED and REDACTED REDACTED continued to solicit money from the public regarding the missing child under the guise of ‘HaLeigh Bug’ and pocketed the money, which they did not report to the IRS.
      • Further evidence contained in the exhibits shows the EGFPD manipulated documents and destroyed evidence regarding this matter to protect REDACTED REDACTED.
    • Marie Griffis
    • Crystal Sheffield
    • Jeremiah Regan
    • John Regan (Felon – Sexual Conduct)
    • William Staubs
    • Art Harris
    • Wayanne Kruger
  • (Illegal) child sex trafficking / child pornography ring (International)
    • Jeremiah Regan
    • John Regan (Felon)
    • William Staubs
    • Wayanne Kruger (knowledge of)
    • Richard Grund
    • Teresa Neves
    • Ronald Cummings
    • Misty Croslin (knowledge of)
    • John Marcus Sheffield (knowledge of)
  • Xentel, Inc.
    • Donna Wagoner

Plaintiff, an investigative reporter/journalist/author, fell victim to a racketeering gang in 2009, after interviewing REDACTED REDACTED, REDACTED REDACTED, William Staubs, Rev. Richard Grund, Wayanne Kruger, and several others regarding the kidnapping of HaLeigh Ann-Marie Cummings, and murder of Caylee Marie Anthony.

During the aforementioned interviews, Plaintiff learned intricate details about a biofuel company called Alternative Biofuels Technologies Inc (ABT).

ABT was a biofuel company incorporated on October 14, 2008, by Richard P. Greene and REDACTED REDACTED SEE EXHIBIT I. Scott W. Rothstein, a Fort Lauderdale attorney was a fifty-percent partner in ABT. At that time in 2009, Scott Rothstein was already under investigation by federal authorities for racketeering.

On December 1, 2009, Scott Rothstein, former managing shareholder, chairman, and chief executive officer of the now-defunct Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler law firm, Fort Lauderdale, turned himself in to authorities and was subsequently arrested on charges related to the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). SEE EXHIBIT J

Rothstein subsequently cooperated with the Government; he pled guilty to five federal crimes on January 27, 2010. On June 9, 2010, Rothstein received a 50-year prison sentence after a hearing in federal court in Fort Lauderdale. SEE EXHIBIT K

RICO is ALREADY IN PLACE per the active federal investigation, and subsequent prosecution and guilty plea of Scott Rothstein, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

Holmseth supplied multiple Exhibits that contained quotes from Rothstein business partners and associates.

“Its all based on feedstock and REDACTED knows feedstock inside out he’s a very smart guy – so there’s a professor from the University of Kansas that has developed a catalyst that will melt down this waxy thick nasty lard looking shit and return 98% pure petroleum I mean I’m talking about pure diesel fuel – crystal clear – low this low that – so now there in the process of building a test plant for one-hundred million dollars or some shit – crazy numbers- they got people that are throwing that money in there – these Rothstein’s are biggest bad ass attorneys of the world and they own the boat – Governor Charlie Crist is fixing to come out on it major news when it pops off – all right that’s what he’s sitting on a fucking gold mine”
-William Staubs / Case Closed Inc. / May, 2009

In another Exhibit, a Rothstein business partner claims to have been promised $231 Million, which according to Staubs, is coming through a back door Rothstein-Crist deal.

Ronald Galstad, the city attorney for EGF, has been required to retain his own attorney for Holmseth v. City of East Grand Forks et al. and is represented by Daniel J. Dunn, Maring-Williams Law Office, Fargo.

“In the “Preliminary Statement” Holmseth describes a “cover up” and “money laundering scheme” among the City of East Grand Forks, the East Grand Forks Economic Development and Housing Authority, and Boardwalk Enterprises LLP. Holmseth also questions Galstad’s role in a meeting between East Grand Forks city officials and representatives of Boardwalk Enterprises on May 7, 2014. Plaintiff failed to allege facts which would support a plausible claim that Galstad violated Holmseth’s constitutional rights regarding any “cover up” or “money laundering scheme” between representatives of East Grand Forks and a private company. Likewise, Plaintiff failed to allege facts which would support a plausible claim that Galstad violated Holmseth’s constitutional rights regarding Galstad’s role in any meeting between representatives of East Grand Forks and a private company,” Dunn argued.

In his responsive Memorandum, Holmseth highlights the fact that Boardwalk Enterprises is a scheme that began shortly after the catastrophic flood of 1997, and was in full swing in 2009 when the violations against his constitutional rights began.

Holmseth asserts that RICO was in place in 2009 when the City conspired with a Rothstein business partner(s) to violate his rights, and is still in play, because the City of EGF, Galstad, and other named defendants, continued the violations through 2014.

According to Red Lake County, Minnesota prosecutor Michael LaCoursiere, Ronald Galstad, along with EGFPD and Polk County deputies, were planning to have Holmseth put in St. Cloud State Prison.

Holmseth alleges the City of EGF and Galstad subsequently conspired to cover up the true facts and circumstances surrounding the Boardwalk Enterprises scandal, which required they coordinate and cooperate regarding violations of the Minnesota open meeting law.

Holmseth argued:

Facts and circumstances indicate a great deal of evidence regarding RICO violations are being actively hidden by the deliberate illegal acts of Defendant City and Defendant Galstad. In August of 2014, the Grand Forks Herald reported that Attorney Mark Anfinson, an industry expert, stated the City had violated the Minnesota open meeting law regarding ‘Boardwalk Enterprises’. SEE EXHIBIT L

Facts and circumstances strongly suggest that during an official (closed door) meeting, held at the private office of Ronald Galstad, on May 7, 2014, held to discuss a $510,000 loan to EGF that had gone unpaid for ten years:

  • Defendant Galstad was present
  • EGF City Administrator David Murphy was present
  • EGF City officials were present
  • Representatives of Boardwalk Enterprises LLP were present
  • Defendant Galstad was the attorney for the City of East Grand Forks
  • Defendant Galstad was the attorney for Boardwalk Enterprises
  • Defendant Galstad was a member of the Boardwalk Enterprises ownership group

Holmseth plans to subpoena all information regarding the secret meetings, which he contends, have been held to conspire to commit RICO.


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