Who was the “attorney” for Boardwalk Enterprises on May 7, 2014?

WDAZ interview with EGF City Administrator David Murphy creates serious questions about EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

On May 7, 2014, WDAZ reported city officials met with representatives (plural) of Boardwalk Enterprises for two hours at the private office of EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad to discuss a solution to the unpaid $510,000 loan.

Ronald Galstad’s office is located within the ‘Boardwalk Complex’ in East Grand Forks.

David Murphy, city administrator, EGF, told WDAZ reporter Cynthia Johnson, “We met with representatives of Boardwalk Enterprises and their attorney,” Murphy said.

Murphy used the word “adjourned” when describing the end of the meeting, which means it was an official city meeting.

Ronald Galstad’s presence at the meeting would be explained because he is the attorney for the city of East Grand Forks.

However – there is a question – who was the attorney for Boardwalk Enterprises that was referenced by Murphy?

Here is why there is a huge problem.

On June 11, 2014, the Herald reported “[Brad] Sinclair, an attorney at Kaler-Doeling who the City Council voted to hire last week, will also serve Boardwalk Enterprises with a request for a response. That will include a request for information on who the partners in the company are, and who is their legal representation.”


Why are they asking who their lawyer is?

Didn’t WDAZ interview David Murphy on May 7, and he said the City met with Boardwalk Enterprises and their “attorney”?

On August 1, the Herald reported that Boardwalk Enterprises had been served with a loan default notice and their attorney was Vogel Law Firm.

So – who was Boardwalk Enterprises attorney on May 7 when they met at Ronald Galstad’s private office?


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