Federal judge assigned to Holmseth vs. City of East Grand Forks

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Holmseth vs. City of East Grand Forks et al has been assigned to Judge Leo I. Brisbois by Judge Donovan W. Frank in the U.S. District Court of Minnesota.

The case is a 42 – U.S.C. – 1983 Civil Rights Action with Demand for Jury Trial.

According to the Complaint filed by Plaintiff Timothy Charles Holmseth, in 2009, Defendants began a pattern and practice of systematic rights violations that included violating the following amendments named in the United States Bill of Rights:

◾1st – Freedom of Press / Speech
◾2nd – Right to Keep and Bear Arms
◾4th – Freedom from Unreasonable Search and Seizure
◾6th – Trial by Jury / Right to Face Accuser
◾14th – Due Process Clause – Protection of Life, Liberty, and Property

The Complaint demonstrates five consecutive years of relentless rights violations by government officials against Holmseth.

Additionally – a cursory read of the Complaint provides the American public the truth about who was responsible for the disappearance of the missing child HaLeigh Ann-Marie Cummings.

Holmseth plans to introduce into evidence never before heard audio recordings from interviews he condcuted with key figures and witnesses in the Casey Anthony murder murder trial and HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping cases, which were kept from the American public through the oppressive acts and rights violations of the Minnesota government officials.

Holmseth has been approved to proceed Pro Se and the judged waived the filing fee.

Holmseth will now continue to proceed with the process against the Defendants.

Visit http://writeintoaction.com/Holmseth%20vs%20City%20of%20East%20Grand%20Forks%20Federal%20Judge%20assigned.html to read the COMPLAINT

Visit http://writeintoaction.com/Holmseth%20vs%20City%20of%20East%20Grand%20Forks%20Federal%20Judge%20assigned.html to read COURT DOCKET


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