EGF City Attorney that neglected to file Mortgage for Boardwalk Enterprises in 1999 became interim city administrator in 2012

Attorney Karl Lindquist reported local government news for Exponent and campaigned for Mayor Lynn Stauss in Grand Forks Herald

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

The city attorney that handed off the duty of filing the Mortgage for Boardwalk Enterprises in 1999, which resulted in the Mortgage not being filed until 2014; remained very active in EGF city government.

In 2012, Attorney Karl Lindquist was busy reporting local government news for the Exponent and then became interim city administrator when Scott Huizenga resigned in April of 2012.

Lindquist became Interim Administrator at the recommendation of Mayor Lynn Stauss.

Lindquist’s name has come back up amidst the many questions surrounding the EDHA loan scandal.

On October 22, 1999 Lindquist did a Closing on the project that, fourteen years later, would become the EDHA loan scandal. He filed a Warranty Deed and a Certificate of Real Estate.

Four days later, on October 26, 1999 Lindquist submitted a letter to EDHA Director Jim Richter indicating he was providing Richter the original Promissory Note, Loan Agreement, Mortgage, UCC1 Financing Statement.

That Mortgage was never filed.

During a recent EDHA board meeting, a member asked City Attorney Ronald Galstad whose responsibility it is to file a mortgage. EGF City Administrator David Murphy stated it would be his policy to have the city attorney to do it.

On October 28, 2013 Lindquist published a letter in the Grand Forks Herald urging voters to vote for Stauss.

“[Wayne] Gregoire is a plodder. There’s nothing wrong with being a plodder. I’m a plodder and proud of it. But we don’t need a plodder for mayor; we need a sprinter like Stauss. Gregoire is careful and cautious. Those are good qualities for a member of the council and have served him well. But those are not necessarily good qualities for our mayor. We need unabashed, unbridled enthusiasm. Gregoire should have stayed on the City Council,” Lindquist said.

Recent news reports and discussion by council members indicate the “unbridled” and “enthusiastic” Mayor of East Grand Forks, championed by Lindquist, has been skipping meetings, not answering or returning phone calls, and ‘doing fine’ in the hospital.


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