EGF/EDHA Loan Scandal: EGF City Council completes performance evaluation for EDHA Director

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

City Administrator David Murphy announced tonight the East Grand Forks City Council has completed a performance evaluation of EDHA Executive Jim Richter, and the “formal action” will be brought forward at the May 20 session.

Although Murphy was no more specific, there was a sense that change was coming.

While Nancy Ellis presented a proposal for an economic study by Praxis, one council member suggested now wasn’t a good time because of possible changes concerning EDHA. Murphy said there might be some “changes coming in” but suggested it would make it a good time for the study.

The problematic nature of conducting regular council business could be felt in the wake of the recent EDHA/Boardwalk Enterprises scandal. As the council discussed a particular piece of property and a prospective buyer, the cloud of the scandal weighed heavy. “We can’t be doing any of these special deals again – we got to get away from that,” one member said.

One member of the public expressed displeasure after the meeting that more information was not provided regarding the Boardwalk Enterprises issue.


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