EGF/EDHA Loan Scandal: City Officials meet with Boardwalk Enterprises at City Attorney Ronald Galstad’s private office

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

East Grand Forks City Officials and members of Boardwalk Enterprises met Wednesday night at the private office of the City Attorney – Ronald Galstad.

Galstad previously told news reporters he did not know the ownership make-up of Boardwalk Enterprises but apparently figured it out.

Galstad’s new office is located in the Boardwalk Entertainment Complex.

The evolution of Galstad, Jensen, and McCann

The evolution of Galstad, Jensen, and McCann

Questions are mounting regarding the role Galstad may play in the Boardwalk Enterprises scandal.

Galstad’s professed lack of knowledge regarding Boardwalk Enterprises’ ownership make-up has many in the public concerned because the brand new offices of Galstad, Jensen, and McCann are now located at the Boardwalk Entertainment Complex.

At the time City Attorney Galstad moved his private practice to the complex, the $510,000 loan from EDHA to build the facility had not been serviced with a single payment, although the annual $30,000 annual payments were scheduled to begin in 2003.

The irregularities have been reported to the Minneapolis FBI and Office of the Minnesota State Auditor.


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