Charlson-Jorgenson P.A. accused of criminal misconduct

Thief River Falls law firm accused of methodically intimidating witness in federal kidnapping

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Since the spring of 2009, Charlson-Jorgenson Law Office, Thief River Falls, has been involved in a criminal operation against an investigative journalist.

Charlson-Jorgenson knowingly filed frivolous motions, based upon false accusations, to advance an agenda not within the purview of the Family Court.

Both Attorney Michael Jorgenson, and Attorney Michael Mattocks, brought child custody motions to harass, intimidate, defame, discredit, and hinder the work of Timothy Charles Holmseth, a journalist from East Grand Forks.

Michael Jorgenson

Michael Jorgenson

Michael Mattocks

Michael Mattocks

Emerging evidence now shows Charlson-Jorgenson nurtured an improper relationship with Matthew Petrovich, guardian ad litem, Ninth Minnesota Judicial District, and benefited from the relationship to fix a case.

Matthew Petrovich

Matthew Petrovich

In April of 2014, facing exposure of their criminal enterprise, Attorney Mattocks drafted a motion that contained arguments in defense of Petrovich. The legal document is a ‘conflict of interest’ on steroids, because Petrovich is the guardian ad litem representing their client’s child.

The parasitic law firm became involved in a vicious criminal defamation campaign launched against Holmseth after being retained by his child’s mother, Rhonda Callahan, Grand Forks.

The lies and fabrications about Holmseth dramatically increased in2011, shortly after Holmseth published a book about a missing child from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings.

Timothy Holmseth

Timothy Holmseth

For over five years, Charlson-Jorgenson has brought frivolous, unwarranted, and fabricated motions against Holmseth. The bogus motions were filed with the Minnesota Family Court based upon fictional claims that Holmseth is mentally unstable and guilty of child abuse/neglect.

Despite the maniacal orgy of baseless motions, Charlson-Jorgenson has achieved a zero percent success rate of verification regarding their accusations against Holmseth. Every inquiry or investigation generated by the sleazy law firm’s false claims has been found to have no basis in reality.

Charlson-Jorgenson is on record as coordinating their efforts with out-of-state individuals that were suspects in the kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings. The law firm’s relationship with kidnapping suspects would appear to be the only explanation for continuing their pursuit of Holmseth, year after year.

Holmseth, 45, is a single-parent that was awarded sole-physical custody of his (now adult) daughter when she was five. He is a loving parent of two, with no history of abuse or neglect.

The custody-based motions filed by the sleazy Thief River Falls law firm, contained completely fabricated scenarios involving the young child in common of Holmseth and Callahan.

False accusations were made regarding the child, for the express purpose of obtaining legal access to Holmseth in the Minnesota Courts, via the Family Division; which served as a front. The court actions were made to advance an agenda that was non child-focused, which involved suspects in the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping case – with whom Callahan had became involved.

The totality of the circumstances, weighed five years later, reveal Charlson-Jorgenson has engaged in a pattern and practice of serious crimes and misconduct.

Holmseth, an award winning news reporter, became the target of Callahan and her lawyers after he (Holmseth) conducted hours of interviews with key figures in the high profile kidnapping.

HaLeigh Cummings was reported missing on February 10, 2009. Holmseth made his very first contact with the missing child’s mother’s (Crystal Sheffield) legal team in March of 2009. He began interviewing Sheffield’s legal team in April of 2009. Incriminating admissions were made to Holmseth by team members regarding criminal activity that was occurring amidst the fraudulent staged kidnapping. The people Holmseth was interviewing turned out to actually be ‘persons of interest’ to the police that had been questioned by detectives.

While interviewing legal team members and family of the missing child, Holmseth was introduced to highly volatile information that involved a pedophile ring and human trafficking operation. He was given names, places, methods, and payrolls of the operatives.

In 2009, the FBI acted upon a lead from Holmseth. In 2010, Holmseth was formally interviewed by the Minneapolis FBI and asked to turn over some of his audio interviews. He was deemed a ‘credible witness’ by the Special Agent.

Emails that would surface in 2011, show the group from Florida began communicating with Callahan in the spring of 2009. The emails expose a plan to use Callahan to file child protection reports against Holmseth.

Attorney Jorgenson was included in the email exchanges and knew about everything. While Attorney Jorgenson was ambitiously becoming involved in the plot, other, reputable lawyers had dropped Callahan as a client. Former Roseau County Attorney, Michelle Moren, represented Callahan for a period of time, before she suddenly quit with no explanation.

Records with the East Grand Forks Police Department (EGFPD) delineate how, in the spring of 2009, Callahan and several members of the group began reporting Holmseth to the police. The callers presented themselves as individuals, as if unaware of the other callers, to conceal their coordinated effort. Each caller told the police Holmseth was mentally unstable and dangerous.

After four screened-out nuisance calls to Polk County Social Services were made by Callahan to familiarize the social workers with Holmseth’s name, a serious report was made, claiming Holmseth had a loaded gun in reach of a child. Police and CPS agents came to Holmseth’s home and demanded entry; the claim was unfounded.

Emails later surfaced that reveal Callahan originally wanted to claim Holmseth was sleeping with a loaded gun. The planning of the set-up was so sophisticated and diabolical, that a call was made to the EGFPD in advance of the CPS report, to ask if the police department had received any reports of ‘gunshots’ being heard near Holmseth’s home.

The team Callahan was working with to systematically discredit, stalks, harass, and blackmail Holmseth, is the same team that abducted HaLeigh Cummings.

The emails exchanged between Callahan and the Florida group included copies to Attorney Jorgensen. Jorgenson admitted to Honorable Donna Dixon, Roseau County Courts, during a hearing, that he’d had a telephone conference with the individuals (kidnapping suspects) in Florida to discuss Holmseth.

During hearings of HOLMSETH VS. CALLAHAN, the child in common between them was clearly not the true issue, but rather, was the ‘token’ child for a case that was actually targeting Holmseth’s book about the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping and his web publication.

During a court hearing in 2011, Attorney Jorgenson stood and read long excerpts from Holmseth’s book. Jorgenson read a segment of the book that described what Holmseth experienced after dying from alcohol poisoning in 1995. The description was of hell and was not sugar coated. Jorgenson presented Holmseth’s horrific and disturbing near-death experience that occurred in 1995, which was the last time Holmseth ever drank alcohol, as if it had happened in 2011.

Each time Callahan and her lawyers would file a bogus motion, the fabricated details would quickly appear on the Web, posted anonymously. Web radio contained hour long programs that billed ‘Timothy Holmseth’ – ‘conspiracy book author’ as the topic of discussion. The ‘radio hosts’ would present false information to the listeners about Holmseth, and do press releases for members of Sheffield’s former legal team.

Holmseth received death threats, was continuously slandered and defamed; and extorted.

An affidavit sworn out by the private investigator that worked for the missing child’s mother delineates the entire scheme, and describes Callahan’s involvement. The affidavit reveals the plan was to discredit Holmseth by publicly accusing him of being a pedophile. The private investigator names the participants.

In September of 2011, with the help of Attorney Jorgensen, Callahan filed an Ex Parte protection order against Holmseth, as well as his minor daughter, accusing them of physical, psychological, and sexual abuse.

The plan that began in 2009 was still in full swing.

Shortly after the emergency Order was signed, the entire set of documents was anonymously published on the Web. Commentary accompanied the anonymous publishing, which was presented to the public as ‘proof’ that the author of the book about HaLeigh Cummings is mentally unstable and dangerous.

Grand Forks County Child Protective Services (CPS) investigated Callahan’s claims. CPS subsequently issued an affidavit to Holmseth that declared “No Services Required or Recommended – No Risk Factor For Abuse.” The checklists and worksheets from the investigation revealed not one check box was marked to denote a concern. The case was cleared by a nine-person CPS team of trained professionals.

In October of 2011, the court appointed Matthew Petrovich, guardian ad litem, to the case. Despite Holmseth being cleared of any suspicion by CPS, Petrovich immediately commenced a quasi private child abuse investigation against Holmseth, which would essentially, never end.

Facts and circumstances that would slowly emerge over the years were like puzzle pieces; and the puzzle was slowing being put together. The picture that began to emerge was a relationship between Petrovich and Charlson-Jorgenson.

Petrovich’s first order of business upon being appointed to the case was to recommend the Court order Holmseth submit to a parental capacity/psychological evaluation. Holmseth had already submitted to the test in 2008 and passed with flying colors. Based upon Petrovich’s recommendation, Holmseth submitted to the test again in September of 2012. He passed again. Callahan and her lawyers requested the Court order Holmseth to submit to the test again in 2013. In December of 2013 Holmseth again passed the test with flying colors.

The oddities surrounding Petrovich did not go un-noticed.

In 2012, Kath Colley, MSW, LICSW, a play therapist that had worked with the child, expressed concerns about Petrovich. She had spoken to Petrovich when he entered the case and advised him that the child was exhibiting severe signs of alienation, which were stemming from things he was being told about his father by his mother. Petrovich never alerted Judge Dixon to Colley’s concerns. In fact – Petrovich neglected to name Colley amidst his list of contacts that he later submitted to the Court.

Petrovich was a Charlson-Jorgenson operative.

During a meeting, Therapist Colley told Kristina Cavalli, MSW, LICSW, that something seemed odd about Petrovich’s involvement in the case. She said that in her entire career, she had never seen guardian ad litem so deeply involved in the affairs of a family where the child is safe in both homes.

Petrovich’s ‘representation’ of the child has been nothing more than continuous attempts to silence Holmseth and shut down his publication.

In the summer of 2013 Petrovich emailed Holmseth and told him he had been reviewing his website. He ominously suggested Holmseth stay off his computer and start thinking about what is important to him.

In the fall of 2013, Petrovich, Callahan, and her lawyers told a District Judge they believed Holmseth was sharing the content of his publication with his young child, and asked he be required to see his child under supervision. Petrovich specifically stated in his Guardian’s Report that he believed Holmseth was actively sharing content with his child.

An institutional kidnapping was taking place.

In an affidavit to the Court, Callahan professed to have so much fear and anxiety about Holmseth that she suggested the Court have Petrovich visit Holmseth’s home once a week to go through his computer files.

In December of 2013, Holmseth was examined by Dr. Madaline Barnes, PhD, and passed his third parental capacity/psychological evaluation. She debunked all the claims made against Holmseth and recommended his parenting-time be promptly re-instated.

In March of 2014, while Parties were waiting for a court ruling, scandal erupted.

Disclosures by the young child at a visitation center revealed he had been left home alone and granted access to the Web by Callahan. Grand Forks County CPS investigated Callahan and noted there were concerns the child had gone onto the Web and read content about his father.

The revelations showed Petrovich, Callahan, and her sleazy lawyer had fabricated a claim about Holmseth, to cover-up for screenshots the child had made at his mother’s house, while on the Web and unsupervised.

The unraveling continued.

On April 1, 2014, Petrovich abruptly announced he was taking a two week vacation, immediately after his client (the minor child) was involved in an incident at the visitation center that required an investigation (by Petrovich). He issued the announcement five minutes after Holmseth notified Parties by email that he was filing a motion to address the latest incident.

Petrovich took two weeks off from work and hid. He never questioned the child about the incident, which he was mandated to do.

On April 14, 2014, Charlson-Jorgenson P.A., Thief River Falls, notified Holmseth he has 21 days to withdraw his motion against Petrovich. Holmseth is requesting Petrovich be dismissed; ordered to take a psychological evaluation; and be investigated.

Holmseth has notified Charlson-Jorgenson he is presently exploring his legal options against their criminal law firm.

Parties are presently awaiting an Order from the Honorable Tamara Yon.



  1. Amy Budeau

    I have a similar experience with this law firm please provide me with contact information so I can share the horror story!

  2. Heather

    I do as well with the GAL. He is doing the same to me even though I have an OFP against my son’s father. please let me know how to contact you.

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