CPS report implicates Grand Forks woman in scheme

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Grand Forks County Child Protective Services (GFCCPS) has released their findings pertaining to an assessment of Rhonda Callahan, Grand Forks.

The findings are relatively explosive and could have a significant impact on a burgeoning First Amendment battle being fought in the Minnesota District Court – HOLMSETH VS. CALLAHAN.

The assessment was originally initiated by happenchance disclosures made by a minor child.

The report states that a county social worker discussed various concerns with Callahan, which included leaving her child alone for periods; and the allowing the child access to inappropriate content on the internet. The report notes that Callahan admitted to the situation and agreed to put controls on her computers and gadgets, etc.

The findings of the report is significant, because it strongly indicates that serious claims previously made by Callahan against the child’s father, Timothy Charles Holmseth, journalist/author/publisher, were completely fabricated.

In September of 2013, Callahan filed a Motion to the 9th Minnesota District Court under the ‘Custody’ classification, accusing Holmseth of harming their child with his ‘online activities’ associated with his journalism and publishing.

Callahan began pushing the journalism-based narrative against Holmseth in 2009 after he interviewed law enforcements suspects in the high-profile kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings.

Callahan made five CPS reports against Holmseth between May and October, 2009. In early 2011, immediately after Holmseth published a book about the HaLeigh Cummings case, Callahan filed a formal court motion in Family Court claiming his journalism was harming their child. A few months later she filed a report to CPS accusing Holmseth and his daughter of a full gamut of child abuse.

What Callahan did not tell CPS or police was that she was in direct contact with law enforcement’s suspects in Florida that were being questioned about their possible involvement with the missing child. The suspects themselves were contacting the East Grand Forks Police Department at the same time as Callahan – but none were telling the police about their association to the other.

Holmseth was completely cleared every time Callahan made a CPS complaint. He successfully passed three psychological/parental capacity tests and was deemed a credible witness by the FBI in the HaLeigh Cummings investigation.

In 2013, Callahan again insisted to the Court that Holmseth is ‘delusional’ and possibly ‘psychotic’ and requested he be psychologically evaluated (for the third time).

The recent GFCCPS report reveals that Callahan was actually the Party allowing the child access to the Web with no supervision, which resulted in an incident, which Callahan then, blamed on Holmseth.

The findings shed further light on the truth about a collaborative attempt to institutionally kidnap a journalist’s child for the purpose of advancing blackmail, suppression of speech/press rights, and extorting silence from a witness in a federal kidnapping.


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