Corrupt guardian ad litem plays final card – abandons client

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Matthew Petrovich, the embattled guardian ad litem that is accused of participating in an extortion scheme against a journalist has played all of his cards.

Five minutes after Timothy Holmseth notified Parties he was filing a formal court Motion regarding a recent incident involving his child, Petrovich, the child’s court appointed guardian ad litem, suddenly announced he would be on a two week vacation and unavailable.

The unscheduled vacation was announced to begin hours after the notification, and at the exact time Petrovich was supposed to investigate the child’s mother, Rhonda Callahan.

The critical incident involving the child, and subsequent nonfeasance by Petrovich, comes on the immediate heels of a CPS assessment of Callahan, which revealed previously unknown facts – now before the Court. The sudden revelations strongly indicate Callahan and Petrovich, along with Attorney Michael Mattocks, have been deliberately and strategically deceiving a District Judge.

Holmseth contacted Minnesota GAL program supervisor, Traci Kapella, and asked her to complete the interviews that were to be conducted by Petrovich but she has ceased communications.

Suzanne Alliegro, GAL program administrator, was also contacted and has given no response.


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