North Dakota woman requests District Judge to order Court Officer have weekly access to investigative journalist’s office and computer

Intimidation of journalist/author amidst ‘institutional kidnapping’ case – off the charts

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

The Minnesota Guardian ad Litem Program is at risk of rivaling Florida Department of Children and Families for ineffectiveness and corruption.

The North Dakota woman that requested the Court place a gag-order on her Family Court file, also requested a Minnesota District Judge authorize the case guardian ad litem to enter her child’s father’s home once a week to snoop through his computer.

The bizarre court motion was made shortly after Rhonda Callahan, Grand Forks, came under the scrutiny of Grand Forks County Child Protective Services (CPS) that had opened an assessment file on her household. The CPS file, which is still open, was serious enough to require review by law enforcement.

Callahan’s attorney, Michael Mattocks, argued to the Court it was in the best interest of the child to infringe upon Holmseth’s Speech and Press freedoms. However, the facts of the situation indicate the primary beneficiary of a gag-order would be Callahan, as well as various public officials.

Callahan requested the Court set forth an order that would subject her child’s journalist father, Timothy Charles Holmseth, to arrest for Contempt of Court, if he used his computer to even ‘write words’ while their child was with him.

In her 20 plus page motion and affidavit to the Court, Callahan expanded on her theoretical proposal, and suggested Matthew Petrovich, guardian ad litem, be allowed to enter Holmseth’s home-office once a week to sift through his computer files to make sure he wasn’t writing anything.

“Mr. Petrovich could somehow check on this on a weekly basis by looking at the computer’s files. Spending time should be more important than sitting at his computer all day, so I don’t think this is unreasonable,” Callahan said.

Callahan’s obsession with Holmseth’s computer and writing is very likely her fear of exposure regarding her lifestyle, choices, and habits.

During the March 3, 2014, court hearing Holmseth provided the Court seven line items of conduct and activities surrounding his child, which Petrovich had withheld from his Report.

None of the items brought to the Court’s attention had been put in Petrovich’s report.

One (less sensitive) issue involved Callahan habitually leaving her children with her ex-husband, who had very recently been stopped by police near Devil’s Lake, North Dakota and had his driver’s license suspended roadside for habitual offenses. Michael Callahan, had two minors with him, including Holmseth’s child, and had to wait in a gas station until Rhonda Callahan arrived to pick them up. Court records show Michael Callahan has had nine citations since 2011.

Holmseth argued to Judge Tamara Yon that he has concerns about Michael Callahan’s inability to self-govern, as well as a`history of crashing ultra-light airplanes for what appears to be cries for help.

Holmseth maintains Rhonda Callahan and Petrovich have strategically pursued and stalked Holmseth to keep the focus away from the true source and cause of the child’s plight.

Since 2011, Rhonda Callahan has made multiple requests to the Court to expand the authority and powers of Petrovich. On one occasion, Callahan requested the Court expand Petrovich’s authority to that of a Judge. She specifically requested Petrovich be able to suspend Holmseth’s parenting-time without a court hearing – all her requests were denied.

The desire to achieve access to Holmseth’s computer is nothing new. In December of 2012 the East Grand Forks Police Department (EGFPD) stormed Holmseth’s home-office and seized all of his journalism equipment and hard-drive. The entire event was a hoax that involved the un-authorized use of Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) storage containers and the Pine to Prairie Gang and Drug Task Force.

Holmseth, a seasoned investigator, condcuted an independent investigation of the matter.

“The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension had no involvement in this case. I see the BCA Evidence sticker in the photo; however, we did not actively participate in this case,” said Andrew Evans, assistant superintendent, BCA. “The BCA had no role in the investigation you describe and did not attach any tags to evidence in that case,” said Jill Oliveira, public information officer, Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

East Grand Forks City Attorney Ronald Galstad told Honorable Tamara Yon that he was working with the BCA to forensically search Holmseth’s computer. However, it turned out Galstad, whose nickname around the Polk County Justice Center is “Pinocchio” had been lying to the Judge’s face.

Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman later admitted her chief investigator, Michael Norland, used a special computer program to secretly search through Holmseth’s hard-drive (while keeping no chain of evidence or record of examination). Norland testified that he found absolutely nothing illegal on Holmseth’s computer. However – when the hard-drive was returned by the EGFPD it was inoperable.

Officer Aeisso Schrage, EGFPD, sexually harassed Holmseth’s minor daughter by bragging he had read all of her text messages to her boyfriend, after illegally seizing her telephone during the raid on her father.

During a hearing on March 3, 2014, Petrovich made no mention to the Court that Callahan is under active assessment by Grand Forks County Social Services. “Since the matter was still pending I felt it was more appropriate to not mention it at all,” Petrovich said.

Holmseth has been subjected to blackmail, threats, harassment, and cyber-stalking since he conducted interviews regarding a national profile missing child case in 2009.

Callahan has requested Holmseth be required to submit to psychological / parental capacity examinations on three occasions. Holmseth has submitted to the tests and passed every time. Responding to the glowing test results from December of 2013, Callahan and Petrovich told the Judge they don’t believe the psychologist (Dr. Madaline Barnes PhD, Sanford Medical Center) performed the rights tests.

Rhonda Callahan advised the Court in her Affidavit that she is a licensed social worker and provided some tips for Dr. Barnes. She told the Court that people that are “psychotic” can often fool the evaluator.

Callahan has subjected Holmseth to multiple CPS investigations – all of which he was completely cleared.

Holmseth was interviewed by the Minneapolis FBI in 2010 and is best known as the only person to write a book about the missing child HaLeigh Cummings.

Court records show Rhonda Callahan has been in extensive communication with law enforcement’s suspects in the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping, and exchanged information about Holmseth with the people whose voices appear on the FBI tapes.

Suzanne Alliegro, administrator, Minnesota Guardian ad Litem Program, is aware of the burgeoning situation but has not responded to the growing concerns about the GAL program.


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