Guardian ad Litem completely neglects to alert Judge of CPS assessment of Mother during Custody proceeding

Scrutiny of Minnesota GAL program intensifies as evidence involving human trafficking enters the case of HOLMSETH VS. CALLAHAN

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

The ominous feel that something isn’t right is intensifying as the Minnesota Guardian ad Litem program is again acting strangely.

On February 21, 2014, Matthew Petrovich, guardian ad litem, was contacted by a social worker from Grand Forks County Social Services (GFCSS) that was conducting a CPS assessment of Rhonda Callahan, Grand Forks.

Subsequently, on March 3, 2014 a (previously scheduled) court hearing was held regarding HOLMSETH VS. CALLAHAN.

When Petrovich submitted his Guardian’s Report to the Judge, he did not make any mention of the ongoing CPS assessment or any of the information upon which it was initiated.

Timothy Holmseth brought the matter, and all the extended details, to the Court’s attention.

Ironically, the involvement of CPS was the result of advice Holmseth received from Petrovich’s supervisor – Traci Kapella, MSW, Ninth Minnesota District GAL manager.

“These comments may be concerning and should be documented. You will need to make a report to your area child protection agency and/or law enforcement for potential follow up,” Kapella said.

Based upon Kapella’s advice, Holmseth forwarded the information to Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman, who in turn sent it to GFCSS.

On March 4, 2014, Holmseth was advised by GFCSS that the case file was still active.

Petrovich has made a practice of concealing extremely volatile information from the Judge (when it does not favor Callahan).

Holmseth alleges Petrovich is the point-man in an effort to silence him regarding information he stumbled upon during an investigative journalism project regarding a missing child from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings.

Suzanne Alliegro, program administrator, Minnesota State Guardian ad Litem Board, is aware of the situation. While Alliegro does speaking engagements on the role of a guardian ad litem, she has yet to personally comment on the burgeoning case.

The Court took into evidence an Exhibit submitted by Holmseth that contained print-outs of written threats Holmseth recently received after he conducted some online research of black-market baby sales in Florida. The name of a threatening Party was included in the most recent Court Order, which set forth by Honorable Tamara Yon in November, 2013.

The Court and GAL was entirely familiar with the name.

The threats against Holmseth included assurances he would be placed in “jail” or be “involuntarily committed” into a “mental institution” if he continued his path of research.

Also taken into evidence as a supporting Exhibit was a threatening telephone call Holmseth received by a person talking into a voice changer.

Petrovich had previously told the Court he believed Holmseth’s “online activity” was harmful to the minor child. Petrovich’s professed concerns contributed to the Judge’s use of the out-of-state person’s name that is causing trouble for the minor child and Holmseth’s family.

However – after being confronted with the un-provoked threats, which are attached to real names and addresses, leading back to human trafficking, were submitted to the Judge, Petrovich completely reversed his position and stated he really didn’t mind if such online activity occurred – as long as it doesn’t affect the child.

Ironically – or perhaps not – Petrovich has taken the position that Holmseth should be ignored because he’s “paranoid” – a position Petrovich will not back away from despite Holmseth having passed three psychological / parental capacity tests – the last one performed by Dr. Madaline Barnes PhD in December, 2013 at Sanford Medical Center, Thief River Falls.

Equally ironic is the fact Callahan, now under assessment by CPS, tried to convince Judge Yon in her sworn Affidavit, that sometimes people that are “psychotic” can fool the evaluator. Both Petrovich and Callahan argued that Dr. Barnes simply didn’t perform the right tests.

Kapella has advised Holmseth she is monitoring the situation.

Some believe this is not the time for Administrator Alliegro to be AWOL – particularly in light of her high profile speaking engagements for organization such as the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault, where she champions their cause.

The concerns seems to be valid.

HOLMSETH VS. CALLAHAN is largely based upon Holmseth’s cooperation with Minnesota and Florida FBI regarding the kidnapping of HaLeigh Ann-Marie Cummings.

Holmseth has supplied the FBI with audio interviews of actual participants directly involved with the trafficking of children that were being used for sex and child pornography.

In 2010, Holmseth was directly responsible for the re-instatement of HaLeigh Cummings’ Amber Alert. The Amber Alert, which had been cancelled upon suggestions she was dead, was reinstated after Holmseth personally intervened.

Holmseth, angry that the media was presenting news footage that suggested HaLeigh Cummings was likely dead, engaged in a records request shoot-out with Captain Johnny Grewood, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, Palatka, Florida.

Using the FBI as back-up, Holmseth forced the PCSO to turn over hidden documents, which he knew existed through his own recorded journalistic interviews, which showed HaLeigh Cummings was in fact alive. Almost immediately after Greenwood sent Holmseth the records – HaLeigh’s Amber Alert was suddnely re-instated.

An again – the ominous presence of a feeling that something just isn’t right.

In December of 2012 the East Grand Forks Police Departmnet stormed Holmseth’s home-office armed with bullet-proof vetss, and seized his journalism equipment. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office later admitted that Investigator Michael Norland searched Holmseth’s hard-drive with a program that left no trace. The hard-drive was returned inoperable.

Honorable Yon appeared to be having second thoughts about Petrovich, and the extended case, during the court hearing on Monday, March 3, 2014. The Judge said the case was the most interesting ‘Family Court’ case she had handled in her entire career.

Perhaps Judge Yon was sending a message.

The Court is reviewing the matter and will be making a ruling in the near future.

To LISTEN to audio and VIEW photos visit:


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