Gag order requested in HOLMSETH VS. CALLAHAN

Small gang of corrupt public officials feeling the heat

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

On March 3, 2014, Attorney Michael Mattocks argued before the Honorable Tamara Yon that Timothy Charles Holmseth should be ordered by the Court to stop writing about the case.

Mattocks, the lawyer for Rhonda Callahan, made only vague arguments as to exactly why Holmseth should be restricted from writing about the case, which is being heard in the Family Division under the “Custody” classification.

Mattocks made a weak and unconvincing arguemnet that the articles and press releases somehow affected the minor child.

Holmseth argued the Family Court is not the appropriate forum to address grievances regarding press, publishing, and speech. The proper forum to address libel and/or defamation is Civil Court where specific allegations must be made and proved.

The true basis for the back-door attempt to subvert the First Amendment rights of Holmseth can be found deeper in the actual text of the published content. Although the court documents bear the signature of Callahan, the actual content addresses the behavior of a host of public officials.

Other factors have come into play, as well.

Neither Callahan, nor the guardian ad litem, Matthew Petrovich, were forthcoming with the Court about an ongoing CPS investigation involving Callahan.

Of course, any gag order would serve to protect any and all being exposed in the content. The individuals being exposed are primarily public officials.

Callahn’s submission of articles and press releases contained an interesting omission. Although it fell right in the middle of the timeline, a Prosecutorial Misconduct complaint filed against East Grand Forks City Attorney Ronald Galstad was witheld.

Callahan has an interesting relationship with Galstad and the City of East Grand Forks.

Records with the East Grand Forks Police Department show that in 2011 Callahan hit Holmseth with a car with the couple’s terrified son with her, fled the scene, then hid her vehicle behind a gas station. Police and ambulance responded. Holmseth received medical treatment at Altru. Callahan was charged with no crime whatsover – not even ‘leaving the scene of an accident’.

The articles and press releases listed in Rhonda Callahan’s Affidavit are listed below.

December 29, 2013: “Embattled Minnesota officials target journalist’s parental rights in final desperate attempt to silence him”

January 5, 2014: “Minnesota Guardian Ad Litem used for criminal extortion”

January 8, 2014” Is this HaLeigh Cummings?”

January 9, 2014: “Two forensic psychologists hold clues in Florida missing persons case”

January 14, 2013: “Learn how demented officials attempted to use the Minnesota Guardian Ad Litem Program to blackmail journalist by taking his child away”

January 18, 2014: “Institutional kidnapping”

January 28, 2014: “Minnesota Guardian Ad Litem Program dealt devastating blow amidst claims of institutional kidnapping”

January 29, 2014: “State sponsored child abduction exposed”

February 2, 2014: “Minnesota investigative journalist being systematically monitored by human traffickers”

February 8, 2014: “Scandal grows in Minnesota: Guardian Ad Litem disavows prior testimony to protect black market baby sales operation?”

February 16, 2014: “Minnesota Guardian Ad Litem participating in child abuse”

February 21, 2014: “Lying to the Honorable Tamara Yon”

Visit to visit the stories and press releases


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