Lying to the Honorable Tamara Yon

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Why do court officers in the Ninth Minnesota Judicial District have such little respect for the Court?

On January 4, 2013, East Grand Forks City Attorney Ronald  Galstad told Honorable Tamara Yon during a court hearing, that the Bureau of  Criminal Apprehension (BCA) would not perform a forensic examination of the  hard-drive the East Grand Forks Police Department seized from Timothy Holmseth,  without a new and detailed search warrant.

But – when contacted later – the Assistant Superintendent of  the BCA stated that agency had no relationship with Galstad or the EGFPD – did not  authorize the police to use their evidence bags and labels – had no idea about  what was going on – and are not involved in Galstad’s case against Holmseth in  any way.

And – while Galstad was lying to the Judge’s face, he was  colluding with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, which was instructing their  deputy to secretly enter into Holmseth’s hard-drive with a special program that  leaves no trace.

Later – at another hearing – Galstad told the Judge he did  not receive a copy of the Motion and didn’t know about the hearing until that  very morning.

Is Galstad’s blatant disrespect for the District Judge an  isolated incident?

More importantly – is Galstad the only court officer in the  Ninth Minnesota District to thumb his growing little Pinocchio nose at the  Judge like she is some kind of a joke.


On October 9, 2013, Matthew Petrovich, a guardian ad litem  in the Ninth Minnesota Judicial District, told the same judge a great big story  regarding an incident involving Holmseth’s son.

In between Petrovich’s whining, and his ‘God-forbid-style’ lamenting  about a formal complaint Holmseth filed against Galstad to the Office of  Lawyers Professional Responsibly, he engaged in nothing less than a crime  against a child.

Petrovich told Honorable Yon he believed Holmseth was  responsible for the serious incident that befell the child, although the child  had not been with his father for 10 days.

But – it was later discovered the incident involving the  child, was actually a continuation of a well-documented incident by a play  therapist, that began the night before, with the child’s mother, Rhonda  Callahan – a fact neither Petrovich nor Callahan chose to share with the Judge.   

In both instances, court officers in the Ninth Minnesota  District got caught flat-out lying to the same judge.

Holmseth is pondering whether he should file a motion to  have Dr. Madaline Barnes PhD perform psychological examinations and parental capacity  tests on Galstad and Petrovich to determine whether they are ‘delusional’ ‘paranoid’  or ‘psychotic’.

There is a court hearing scheduled for March 3, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. at the Polk County Justice   Center. Petrovich’s  pathology exhibited through his deception of the Court, regarding the safety,  health and best interest of a child, will be addressed.



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