Minnesota Guardian Ad Litem participating in child abuse

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Motion filed to District Court requesting Guardian Ad Litem is commanded to turn over records

Evidence that a Minnesota Guardian Ad Litem provided false testimony to the Court to protect the actual abuser from responsibility has surfaced.

Matthew Petrovich, guardian ad litem, Ninth Minnesota District, withheld critical information from District Judge Tamara Yon to conceal the true source of the child neglect/abuse – as well as his own involvement.

The original event occurred while the minor child was in the custody of Rhonda Callahan, the child’s mother. The facts and circumstances incriminated Callahan and showed negligence.

Petrovich and Callahan subsequently colluded to use the Minnesota Family Court to divert attention away from Callahan, and onto the child’s father, Timothy Charles Holmseth.

Evidence shows the child experienced a traumatic event that required mental health intervention but received none. Petrovich was told about the incident around the time it happened, but did not alert the father, Child Protection Services, or the Court.

The facts show Petrovich and Callahan went into a holding pattern to see if the child would talk about what happened. The child then had a significant breakdown during a play therapy session.

The child was then repeatedly told by his former step-father, Michael Callahan, he was going to call the Sheriff’s Office on the child if he didn’t behave. The child believed Michael Callahan called the police, but an inquiry made by Holmseth found no record; Michael Callahan was scaring the child with a fake call.

Holmseth has acquired enough information to prove something occurred, and, that the information was purposely withheld from the Court by Petrovich and Rhonda Callahan.

On February 15, 2014, Holmseth filed a Motion to Compel asking District Judge Tamara Yon to command Petrovich and Callahan to turn over all critical information concerning the child and the critical event.

Holmseth, who is Pro Se in the ongoing court matter, uncovered the new information when he asked Petrovich a question while developing a timeline; and Petrovich refused to answer it. The question was a ‘what did you know and when did you know it’ question.

In Holmseth’s Affidavit supporting his Motion, he said, “During the long and grueling email exchange on February 12-13, 2014, I asked Mr. Petrovich the same question five times. After the fifth time I simply stopped asking because he refused to answer the question. He refused to give dates.”

At one point during the email exchange, Petrovich became verbally abusive to Holmseth, in an effort to back him off. “Seriously, Tim. I feel like I’m the Miracle Worker, trying to teach Helen Keller to say “Water”. But if Anne Sullivan could do it, I guess I can muster on too,” he said.

Petrovich then refused to answer the question, again.

Holmseth did not back off and kept asking the question.

Petrovich subsequently provided a partial answer, which included no date, but constituted a fact the Court had never been given during the hearing on the matter. It reveals Petrovich had been notified of an incident involving the child at the time it actually happened, but only addressed it after the child told a play therapist and it could no longer be hidden.

It was originally hidden because Rhonda Callahan had been negligent.

Holmseth’s court motion requests the Court command Petrovich, and Rhonda Callahan, to turn over all information regarding the event(s). Holmseth is requesting all un-documented (secret) communications Petrovich and Rhonda Callahan had before they appeared in Court against Holmseth as a united front.

Rhonda Callahan has a documented history of denying the child medical attention – stalling – and then developing a plan to blame Holmseth or others.

In 2011, Rhonda Callahan took the child out of Altru Hospital against medical advice. She later justified the action by claiming Altru staff ‘abused’ the child and she was ‘protecting’ the child from the staff. A few days later the child’s condition progressed and the school became involved. Hospitalization was required. Callahan strategically acquired an Ex Parte Order (emergency – no hearing) to keep Holmseth from being involved during the hospitalization. Medical records reveal critical information had not been given to the doctors.

Petrovich and Rhonda Callahan have been abusing the child using a problem – reaction – solution scheme, which thrusts the child into crisis. After the child’s suffers extreme stress and is in need of help, Petrovich ‘intervenes’ to make ‘recommendations’ on behalf of the ‘State of Minnesota’ to the Court, which always focus on Holmseth’s journalism and publication.

Holmseth an award-winning newspaper reporter; an investigative journalist and author. In 2009 be became a target of organized crime after he was given inside information about the missing child HaLeigh Cummings; the unsolved murder of Caylee Anthony; financial activities of infamous Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein; and corrupt activities of former Florida Governor Charlie Crist.

Holmseth was interviewed by the Minneapolis FBI in 2010 and asked to turn over copies of some of his audio interviews.

Holmseth also possess information that incriminates East Grand Forks City Attorney Ronald Galstad.

The ongoing scheme has included a drumbeat of false accusations against Holmseth, which are made in every single court motion, accusing Holmseth of being ‘paranoid’ and ‘delusional’ and ‘psychotic’.

In January, 2014, Petrovich and Rhonda Callahan lost all credibility when Holmseth willingly submitted to yet a third psychological / parental capacity evaluation and passed with flying colors. It was the third such test requested of Holmseth by Rhonda Callahan in five years.

The test results, submitted to the Court by Dr. Madaline Barnes PhD, have placed a gigantic question-mark above all the hellacious claims made by Rhonda Callahan and Petrovich against Holmseth (and even his teenage daughter).

In a letter dated February 3, 2014, Petrovich’s supervisor, Traci Kapella, MSW, addressed concerns Holmseth had about Petrovich. Kapella’s sentiments indicated the Minnesota Guardian Ad Litem program is aware a problem exists but is waiting to see how much Holmseth can prove.

Other incidents are beginning to create serious questions about the Minnesota Guardian Ad Litem program; a child-focused program being managed by Suzanne Alliegro. The bizarre and cult-like activities of Petrovich and Kapella are reflected in the criminal activities they systematically keep from the Court.

The most recent incident involved human trafficking.

Holmseth was recently threatened on the Web by an individual that was specifically named in the most recent court order by Judge Yon. Holmseth was sought out by the very person Yon named, only minutes after he began researching ‘black market baby sales’ in Florida. He sent a Facebook ‘friend request’ to a victim that had given interviews to the Gainesville Sun. Only minutes later he was told if he contacted the person again he will be “involuntarily committed” into a “mental institution”. He was also told he would be put in “jail”.

The ‘Florida’ people emailed Holmseth in the summer of 2013 and demanded he provide sexual information to them about his children. Holmseth confronted the issue of weirdoes asking for information about his kids, during a court hearing, and Petrovich down-played it to the Judge.

Likewise, Alliegro and Kapella do not appear to be overly concerned about out-of-state individuals interested in sexual information about a small child within their guardianship; and black market baby sales.

There is an extensive record that shows communications between Attorney Ronald Galstad and people in the State of Florida. During a recent court hearing, Petrovich told the Judge that Holmseth suffers from paranoia and lamented that Holmseth had filed a Prosecutorial Misconduct complaint against Galstad.

Dr. Barnes reported to the Court there is absolutely nothing wrong with Holmseth and he is “not delusional”.

In 2008 Holmseth received a First Place award for Best News Series by the North Dakota Newspaper Association. The story spanned nearly a year of contacts, communications, and interaction with the public by Holmseth.

Researchers are privately stating they are beginning to investigate Alliegro and her program.

The problem – reaction – solution scheme, that forces the cooperation of the minor child, began in October of 2011 when Petrovich was assigned to the case.

The Court file reflects a stream of issues that occurred while the child was in Callahan’s custody; intervention was then made by Petrovich who invariably recommended Holmseth’s parenting-time be suspended; the requests were almost always denied by the Judge.

On several occasions Callahan motioned the Court to expand Petrovich’s powers so he could suspend Holmseth’s parenting-time with a Judge’s order – the motion’s were always denied.

This is a developing story.

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