Did East Grand Forks City Attorney Ronald Galstad lie to District Judge about BCA in hopes of obtaining warrant?

Evidence of serious misconduct mounting against officials

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Did EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad purposely lie to a  District Judge to create the false appearance a Defendant he was prosecuting was  the subject of a major criminal investigation by the Minnesota Bureau of  Criminal Apprehension?

The evidence against Galstad is mounting.

Statements made during a court hearing on January 4, 2013 by  Galstad, indicate he was advancing a deception that originally began on  December 13, 2012 when Officer Aeisso Schrage, EGFPD, convinced the Honorable  Jeff Remick to grant his petition for a search warrant for the home-office of  Timothy Holmseth.

Galstad told Judge Yon that the ‘Bureau of Criminal  Apprehension’ would not conduct a forensic search of Holmseth’s hard-drive  without a separate search warrant – he then added that his Office was going to  be requesting that warrant from the Court.

The BCA has made it clear they had nothing to do with law  enforcement’s activities regarding Prosecutor Galstad’s case against Holmseth.

“We were not requested to conduct a forensic examination on  your computer,” said Drew Evans, assistant superintendent, Minnesota Bureau of  Criminal Apprehension, responding to some questions by Holmseth. “The Bureau of  Criminal Apprehension had no involvement in this case,” he said.

But actions by Galstad and the EGFPD show local law  enforcement was attempting to make it look like a BCA operation. During the  December 12, 2013 raid on Holmseth, they bagged evidence in plastic storage  container labeled “Bureau of Criminal Apprehension – Minnesota Department of  Public Safety”.

“The BCA had no role in the investigation you describe and  did not attach any tags to evidence in that case,” said Jill Oliveira, public  information officer, Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

On September 30, 2013 EGF Police Chief Michael Hedlund  responded to a complaint filed by Holmseth regarding the fact his hard-drive  had been returned to him inoperable. Hedlund advised Holmseth that his  hard-drive had been searched; but didn’t say by whom.

Hedlund’s statement on September 30 was the first time  Holmseth had been told that a search had been conducted on his hard-drive. The  warrant-less search was conducted by Sgt. Michael Norland, investigator, Polk  County Sheriff’s Office – Norland reported he found no sign of illegal activity  on the hard-drive.

Investigator Norland reports that on December 15, 2012 he  was given Holmseth’s hard-drive along with two cell phones. He says he was  asked to search the hard-drive for any sign of illegal activity. He reported he  received the property from Officer Aeisso Schrage of the Pine-to-Prairie Task  Force.

Norland’s report reveals that the police actions against Holmseth  by law enforcement were being held out as a BCA operation, connected with a gang  and drug task force.

Norland reports that he received the hard-drive on December  15. However, he states he did not perform his search on the hard-drive until  April 3, 2013.

Why didn’t he search it right away?

Galstad’s statement to Judge Yon about the BCA needing a  warrant to search the hard-drive may explain why Norland didn’t immediately perform  a search – he didn’t do it because he knew he didn’t have a warrant.

The question is – what changed on April 3, 2013 that made Norland  believe it was okay to search the hard-drive?

The answer may be contained in Norland’s report.  

Norland reports that on March 29, 2013 he received a  telephone call from Lt. Detective Rodney Hajicek, EGFPD regarding Holmseth’s  hard-drive. He does not state what Hajicek told him. However – Norland’s next  entry states that on April 3, 2013 he hooked Holmseth’s hard-drive up to a  forensic computer and searched it.

Lt. Hajicek at the local police department has no authority  over a Polk County Sheriff’s Office investigator, which creates questions about  what Hajicek might have said to Norland to cause him to search hard-drive.

Norland further states that after he returned the hard-drive  to the EGFPD, Officer Schrage returned with it, and asked him to make a copy of  it. Norland states he did not make the copy due to time constraints.

Why did the police want a copy of 500 GB hard-drive that an  investigator just told them contained no sign of illegal activity?

Answers to the questions regarding law enforcement illegal  activity and relentless pursuit of Holmseth may be found in letters and  official grievances he made to a District Judge, Office of Lawyer’s  Professional Responsibility, East Grand Forks City Council, and Minneapolis  FBI. 

On July 1, 2012 Holmseth reported select officials from the  9th Minnesota Judicial District to the United States Attorney and  Minneapolis FBI.  


On July 9, 2013 Honorable Tamara Yon forwarded an Affidavit  drafted by Holmseth to the Minnesota Lawyer Board. The Affidavit reported an  extremely disturbing and criminal plot that had been relayed to him by Attorney  Michael LaCoursiere, public defender, State of Minnesota. LaCoursiere told him that if he  insisted on a jury trial, Galstad was simply going to call two police officers  to lie on the witness stand to convict him. LaCoursiere also told Holmseth the  cops had plans to have him put in St. Cloud State Prison.

Holmseth had already reported misconduct and highly illegal activities  by officials to the FBI before the following took place:

Police officers with the EGFPD storm Holmseth’s home-office;  they find nothing illegal whatsoever. The police search his car; they find  nothing illegal. Law enforcement performs a secret warrant-less search on Holmseth’s  hard-drive; they find nothing illegal.

So – why are police and officials acting like the BCA is  involved; using BCA stickers on evidence bags; and referring to the Pine-to-Prairie  Drug Force?

This is a developing story.

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