Former police officer speaks out about “red flags” in missing child case

Polk County Sheriff’s Office remains tight lipped

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

The Good Samaritan senior citizen from North Carolina that became the target of severe online sexual harassment after she came to the aid of a minor child from Minnesota is now asking questions about the true motivations of her attackers.

Mary Lee, North Carolina, a former police officer for Los Cruces, New Mexico, has expressed her belief the Administrator of a website called may be operated by the actual abductor of the missing child HaLeigh Cummings.

As a police officer in New Mexico, one of Lee’s primary duties was to work with victims of sexual assault. She said the behavior of the person writing content for sends up “red flags all over the place”.

Lee refers to the anonymous publishers at as “they” – but admits she believes there is a good chance the person typing the computer keys is always the same person – logging in under different names. “One must ask all three posters – are you one in the same?” she said.

Lee’s tone is even and matter of fact as she discusses the behavior of the person posting content on the website

“It is not normal for an anonymous person to set up shop on the Web – using off-shore servers; claim to know for a fact that a missing and endangered child is in fact dead; and then cyber-stalk anybody that expresses a belief the child is alive,” Lee said.

Lee pointed out that HaLeigh Cummings is the subject of an active Amber Alert and is classified as Missing and Endangered by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and FBI continue to actively seek the whereabouts of HaLeigh, she noted.

“The FDLE has entire billboard dedicated to this one child. Obviously law enforcement believes HaLeigh is alive and can be found,” she said.

According to Lee, the behavior of the website ( would put the Administrator at the top of any investigator’s “to be questioned” list. “[The website] insists that child is dead. They claim to know when she died. They claim to know who killed her. Then, they stalk, attack, and defame anybody that says she is alive,” she said.

“If this child had expired, only the person who was there and responsible would know this as a fact,” Lee said.

The website features only one promotional link – it is to a blogger from Tennessee named Levi Page.

The Sheriff’s Office in Polk County, Minnesota is very familiar with the name Levi Page.

In 2011, Page telephoned Timothy Holmseth, journalist, East Grand Forks, Minnesota and violently berated him on the telephone. “This child is dead! She was dead in ’09 and she’s still dead now – stupid fucker … its best that you step off this case – you stupid son-of-a-bitch. Everybody damn well knows that Misty (Croslin) and Ron (Cummings) killed that child,” Page said.

In August, 2013, William Murtaugh, Florida, emailed Holmseth and requested sexual information about his children, which Holmseth promptly reported to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

Murtaugh was in communication with Page and a third person.

Holmseth turned over extortion evidence to law enforcement, which included screenshots Murtaugh sent Holmseth of Twitter messaging that featured sick, sexually based conversations he (Murtaugh) had with Levi Page regarding his (Holmseth’s) kids.

“Red flags everywhere, Lee said, disgusted.


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